Is the Strategy of Email Marketing Still Effective?

Is Email Marketing Still Effective? - SmallBizDaily
So many professionals have pointed to the “premeditated” death of email marketing due how social media has grown and their consequent investment by different companies.

However, people who share the opinion that the email marketing is not effective anymore, forget that why this strategy does not work is because of the content that their email carries does not meet the interests of the recipients.

Although notably, it is sometimes difficult to get segments of information, in accordance to Ascending, 51% of marketers proclaimed that the success of this tool is in most times limited by so many irrelevant information about their contacts.

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Another of this corporate failure is tireless sending of different emails, 78% of its recipients claim to have canceled so many email subscriptions due to the reason that they are receiving too many (Hubspot 2016). Looking at this, it is important to reduce the number of emails and not always continue to bombard people with irrelevant information about companies.

There cannot be an efficiency without having a previously planned strategy. In addition to having a relevant content, it must also have some “call-to-actions” to motivate your recipients to click where you want.

The Email marketing has so many advantages that are associated with it. When it is used properly, it can leverage your sales, it can generate new customers and also help in their retention. While the social networks first have to first engage people so that they can become customers.

Through the email marketing you can easily opt for various communication strategies, they are as follows:

  • Commercial: These strategies are said to be the most traditional and is very much required to increase impulsive behavior when you are announcing any promotions or a new product.
  • Loyalty: In order for you to retain your customers, this type of campaign aims to help in promoting their relationship with the brand or the company, in order for you to generate more sales.
  • Informational: These campaigns are intended mainly to inform your clients, for example about any future events or to get your clients feedback on a particular product or service.
  • Location: This is a strategy that is used mainly to inform people about where your physical store is located, so that they can easily access it and become customers.

These strategies should be associated with relevant content so that you can achieve good results for companies. Unlike the happenings in social media, in email marketing there is already a base of subscribers who are interested already in the subjects sent by companies. They can select whether or not they want to open and read the emails.

But in social media, content is been filtered by them and can not reach all people that need it. Email marketing is by 40 times more effective than social media, according to a survey carried out by “McKinsey & Company“. The same survey also shows that the buying process takes place 3 times faster than in the social media.

Moreover, it is also said that people prefer to receive information about their businesses via the email.

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