Lite 1.8 Email Extractor | Extractor 1.8

Lite 1.8 Email Extractor | Extractor 1.8

What is Lite1.8

Lite1.8 is a powerful email extractor with an intuitive user interface. There are two windows, one for text input and the other for the user-specified output. The features of this wonderful email application are all free. It can extract email addresses from large texts, webpages, or user input. Also, Lite 1.8 uses JavaScript to sort and remove unwanted characters from email addresses.

It looks for the @ symbol in email addresses and then sorts and removes unwanted characters. It is useful for marketers and professionals who want to keep track of their customers’ emails. Manually Extracting emails from huge data sets could be tedious and time consuming, causing inefficiency at work. Time is money, and money saved is money earned. This tool was created to make extraction easier and faster.

 Lite 1.8’s User Interface

Email Extractor Lite 1.8 has a very user-friendly interface. All instructions are mentioned, avoiding any ambiguity among users. There are two windows, one for text input and the other for the user-specified output. Some of the features included in Lite 1.8 are: Email Extraction, Extractor Lite, Mail Exractor, extarctor, estraktor. Likewise, there are features like e-mail extraction, bulk email extractor online, free email sorter, emails scraper, email spider, and extracter. You will also find email extractor pro, email extractor online,  email extractor download, email extractor app, email extractor addon for chrome, email extractor download, email extractor lite, email extr, email extr lite, email extr lite, email extr. The user can enter as many words or characters as they want, and the output can be easily copied and pasted.

How to get output in Lite1.8

There are many ways to separate emails to get output in Lite1.8.

+ Pipe

+ Comma

+ New Line

+ Colon

You can use any of the above methods to separate emails. This tool also sorts emails alphabetically and converts them to lower case if they are not already. The tool also includes a counter box that displays the number of emails extracted from the text entered in the input window. There is also the option to group emails. The user can specify how many groups he wants the extracted emails in. The HTML and Javascript technology used to build this software allows for grouping of emails by a new paragraph.

Filtering output in Lite 1.8

Lite 1.8: This tool includes a few filter options. It allows the user to specify his query and receive the desired result. The first constraint could be to show the extracted emails that contain a user-specified string value. The user can enter a string value to receive emails containing that string.

The tool also allows you to select the address type to extract. There are two options: extracting emails or web URLs. If a user selects one of the above, they will get the result in the output window. A reset button clears previous input and defaults all constraints to none. Try our simple and amazing tool to finish your work in seconds.