Mail Extractor

Mail Extractor

Mail Extractor also known as Email Extractor is an online email filtering and sorting software application that extracts email addresses, filter and arrange them for use. Some versions of the email extractor allows user to upload emails in bulk format for extraction.

The Mail is a system of transporting postcards, letters, and parcels in a physical form.

The E-Mail is a system of sending letters, messages and cards in a digital or electronic form.

Mail and E-mail are sometimes used interchangeably, even though they differ in contextual meaning.

The Best Email Extractor Softwares

  • Email Extractor 14.
  • Email Extractor Pro.
  • Email Checker
  • Email Extractor 16
  • Y-Leads Extractor.
  • Top Lead Extractor.
  • AutoPark Software.
  • Email Extractor Chrome Extension.
  • Cute Web Email Extractor.