Unique email marketing ideas for your business

In 2015, 44% of email recipients made a purchase as a result of a promotional email.

However, to achieve a high conversion rate from your email marketing campaign, you must do it correctly and stand out in the inbox.

Users will not reply to dull emails that lack engaging features such as photographs and gifs — and even when engaging elements are included, users want to see original material that distinguishes your business.

Here are a few creative email marketing ideas that will help differentiate your business in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Brand your emails the same way you brand your website

Many businesses overlook the fact that email marketing complements their other marketing channels, such as their website and social media profiles.

To provide a sense of consistent branding across many marketing platforms, you should consider creating emails that mirror the appearance and feel of your website.

If your website features vibrant pastels and floral designs, for example, your email should have some of the same components to maintain consistency with your branding.

If someone visits your website frequently, they will develop an understanding of your brand’s identity – and you want them to immediately recognize that email is from you.

Birthday emails

One approach to demonstrate that you care about your consumers is to commemorate significant anniversaries, such as birthdays.

When users subscribe to your email, you can request their birth date (and, if applicable to your business, additional dates such as anniversaries).

For instance, if your business sells gourmet cat treats, you might ask users when they adopted their cat, or if you sell jewelry, you might inquire about a wedding anniversary.

This can help your clients develop a sense of connection with your brand, and they’ll appreciate you going the additional mile to wish them a happy birthday.

Saying you forgot something

A brilliant method to entice users to open your emails is to use the subject line to inform them that you neglected to include something in their previous purchase.

This strategy is only effective if the consumer has already made a purchase from your firm, but it is an excellent way to maintain their engagement.

For instance, if you’ve recently sent a customer’s order, you may send a follow-up email informing them that you neglected to include a coupon code for their next purchase.

The subject line is engaging, and it may also entice recipients to return to your site and browse further things they may wish to purchase with their new coupon code.

Custom gifs

While the Internet adores gifs, some are simply overused; so, why not create your own?

Adding bespoke gifs to your emails elevates your campaign to a new level by offering them with something they’ve never seen before.

For example, if you’re a kitchenware firm, you might develop a gif of your newest, most popular product or a gif of your new collection.

Consider making a gif that depicts your product coming to life to demonstrate what users will receive when they purchase it.

Giphy.com is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in creating your own gifs!

Weekly roundups

Another excellent technique to keep users informed about your company is to send weekly roundup emails that include a summary of the most significant events that occurred at your company during the previous week.

This may contain links to blogs you’ve published in the last week, new products you’ve launched, new staff you’ve employed, or product upgrades.

By sending these kind of emails, you enable your customers to feel more connected to you and your business, as they are always informed of what’s going on.

Simplify a process

Everybody loves simplicity, and if there is a procedure you can simplify for your consumers, you should incorporate it into your emails.

For instance, if you run an eyewear business that specializes in providing consumers with the latest and most attractive frames, you may inform them when their prescription is about to expire. This alleviates their anxiety about when they will need to see an eye doctor, and they will be grateful to you.

If you want to take it a step further, you could personalize the email by include a list of local optometrists who they may contact directly to schedule an appointment.

This type of communication demonstrates your concern for your customers – which they will enjoy.

Send how-tos

Whatever type of product your business sells, content that demonstrates how to use your product to create something unique is an innovative method to persuade customers to use your items.

This email marketing strategy is applicable to practically any type of business.

For instance, if you’re a hair care supplier, you could launch an email campaign that offers monthly how-tos for creating a unique hairstyle with your latest mousse.

If you own a clothes business, you may offer how-to articles on how to dress up or down a top.

Whatever type of product you sell, there is always an opportunity to teach others how to use it uniquely.

Connect your email marketing with your social media marketing

Another strategy for expanding your marketing reach and killing two birds with one stone is to integrate your email marketing with another type of marketing, such as social media.

For instance, if you have published a how-to guide for one of your products, you may encourage consumers to share the results on your social media pages or to tag you in their posts.

This method makes your product and brand name more visible to a larger audience of social media users, as it will appear not just to your friends and followers, but also to the friends and followers of your consumers who post.

Create holiday campaigns

The holidays, particularly those that demand gifts, may be one of the most stressful times of the year.

Consider establishing an email campaign around the holidays that will assist your consumers in selecting the right present – while also advertising your items.

If you own a bespoke cupcake bakery, for example, you might run a Mother’s Day campaign highlighting your best cupcakes for Mom and a Halloween ad highlighting your best Halloween party cakes.

You might also include a paragraph indicating that you offer bespoke designs all year and may also give the ideal birthday cake.

If you’re a hardware firm that sells tools, run a Father’s Day campaign that highlights some of the top gift ideas for Dad and what he can make with the items you sell.

Email marketing is all about producing valuable material for your subscribers, which you can accomplish through seasonal promotions.

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