How To Make Money Online Through Email Marketing

If you want to make money online, email marketing is a simple and effective method that might just be the best option for you to generate income online. But first and foremost, what exactly is email marketing? Email marketing is simply the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people through the use of email. Is it necessary to have a website or blog in order to start email marketing?

Despite the fact that having a website or blog makes email marketing easier, you can also get online through social media, guest posts, and posting on open platforms such as a Medium blog.

What you need to know to get started with email marketing

Step 1: Select an email marketing platform or service that is reputable

Getting a dependable email marketing platform/service is vital, and if you end up using the wrong email marketing platform, your email marketing journey will not be as smooth as you would have hoped. However, with the right email marketing platform, such as Constant Contact, you will be on the fast track to success from the beginning.

The email marketing platform/service is in charge of creating and designing your email forms, as well as storing your email data, so imagine after three years of successful email marketing with approximately 40,000 subscribers generating $10,000 per month, you wake up one day and all of your email subscribers have vanished without a trace, and you are back at square one with three years of hard work.

When you have completed your registration for the email marketing platform, the first thing you should do is send a test email to yourself, a friend, or anyone else. It is important to send a test email in order to become familiar with the platform before sending your first campaign.

Step 2: Establishing an email distribution list

Generally speaking, most people consider building an email list to be the most difficult aspect of email marketing; however, this is not always true, with the right email practices, you will breeze through this phase. Here are some of the ways to convert your audience into potential subscribers:

Offer Incentive: When it comes to email marketing, offering incentives is a very effective method because people will not give their email unless they see a benefit in doing so; therefore, if you offer them an incentive, they will see a reason to join your list. Examples of incentives include: E-books, content upgrades, and so forth

Giveaways: Offering incentives is very effective, but hosting giveaways is even more so because this time you are giving away a cash prize and you are collecting their email address at the point of entry or anywhere else. The cash prize does not have to be too large, but remember that the larger the prize, the greater the number of opt-ins.

Step 3: Launch and send your email campaign

This is actually the simplest step, especially if you have chosen a reputable email marketing platform/service and built your email list as explained in Step 1.

Step 4: Track and analyze your campaign results

Always strive to create content that is unique and relevant. Make use of an eye-catching topic or headline. Make use of a CTA button that is both bold and engaging (Call-To-Action button). Do not send emails to no-reply addresses.

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