Everything About SendinBlue

Everything About SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a small and medium-sized business-focused email marketing and marketing automation software company founded in 2012. It enables individuals to manage email campaigns efficiently, send text messages, and save time with marketing automation – all on a budget. SendinBlue provides cloud-based digital marketing tools to over 175,000 businesses worldwide.

Features and Functionality

1. Social sharing

SendinBlue makes it simple to communicate with your fans across a variety of social networking networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With a single click of a button, campaigns may be shared. SendinBlue will provide you with a short URL to utilize to connect to more social media channels. Additional value begins with a free package that includes chat, CRM, and shared inbox.

2. In-depth campaign reports

When it comes to determining the performance of your email campaigns, analysis is critical. SendinBlue provides comprehensive campaign reports that detail the performance of all your email marketing and SMS initiatives. Everything is shown on your dashboard, which simplifies the process of analyzing metrics.

3. Inbox testing

SendinBlue enables you to add a test list and send a test email before sending it to the list’s contacts. This manner, you can immediately determine if the email you’re about to send has any difficulties.

4. Responsive email design

SendinBlue guarantees aesthetically appealing campaigns that are responsive on any device. It’s simple to design and construct a message by dragging and dropping design components from the menu onto the message. If you don’t want to start from scratch, all you have to do is choose a template to guide you. Additionally, the Premium package enables you to construct unique landing pages.

5. HTML editor

This is for all you coders and folks who are familiar with HTML and CSS. Simply copy and paste the HTML code from a custom template prepared by your agency or web developer into the HTML editor. The WYSIWYG interface enables users to create email messages fast.

6. Personalization

You may build personalized emails with SendinBlue’s capabilities. This helps establish a stronger relationship with your email recipients, who will appreciate your attention to particular personal aspects. You can include a contact field in the body of your emails, which can contain a name, a title, or an order date. This way, everything will be automatically tailored.

7. Trigger marketing

It’s simple to construct automatic trigger marketing workflows with SendinBlue. Utilizing a combination of filters, customised KPIs, and unsubscribe lists, users may create very effective trigger marketing tactics. The scheduling tool enables you to automate the distribution of campaigns.

8. Marketing automation

Marketing automation enables you to segment clients based on their activities and preferences. In a matter of minutes, create multi-step, multi-channel campaigns with a limitless number of variables. Email and SMS messaging allow you to communicate with your audience at the optimal time and on the optimal device. Additionally, contacts can be retargeted automatically based on their interaction with and response to your email or SMS advertising. SMS marketing is a pay-as-you-go service. You can track and engage with visitors once they arrive at certain landing pages or complete a task on your website. Additionally, you may use your contact list to develop targeted advertisements based on age, region, and other factors.

9. Integrations & API

SendinBlue provides an all-inclusive API. Almost every feature accessible via the web interface can be changed via the API. There are numerous plugins available, including the ever-popular WordPress, Drupal, Salesforce, and PrestaShop. Additionally, users may access Wix, Eventbrite, Facebook Lead Ads, MailChimp, PayPal, Outlook, and Google Analytics.

10. Templates

SendinBlue enables you to choose from and customize more than 50 email templates that are simple to edit and make distinctively yours. There are numerous stunning templates available to fit your every need. They’re simple to edit and significantly simplify design if you’re not naturally artistic or don’t have access to a web developer. Simple drag-and-drop features will assist you.

Additionally, if transactional emails are sent via SendinBlue’s API, your developer can utilize these templates to create a confirmation email that is sent to any user who joins up using one of your subscription forms.

11. Ease of Use

SendinBlue is a very user-friendly application. It’s simple to follow, and if you get lost, there are instructive instructions with accompanying visuals. The material is organised and classified in an uncomplicated manner. The UI is pleasing to the eye, and the platform’s navigation is intuitive and simple.

12. Customer support

SendinBlue provides email support and a Help button on the majority of pages that gives context-specific assistance. They feature a sizable collection of FAQs and video tutorials that are categorized by category. You can also submit a support ticket for technical assistance, call their toll-free number, or use their web form to contact them.


SendinBlue is an excellent email marketing tool. Its broad feature set not only ensures that all your emails are sent, but also makes email design a snap. It provides real-time analytical reports, which are shown on your dashboard. With a variety of flexible and economical plan and package options to suit any budget, there is a solution for any sort of business.

It’s a simple-to-use product with a plethora of useful capabilities that’s ideal for small, medium, and increasing organizations. SendinBlue is accessible in six languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch. With over 175,000 clients and 30 million emails and SMS messages delivered every day, this is undoubtedly a solution you can rely on for effective email marketing.

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