Choosing the Types of Emails That You Want to Send

There are so many different types of emails that you can send to your list. You can just select one, or just change it up, based on the various segments you have in your list.

There are different types of emails that you can get started with.

The Newsletters are a popular email format. They come to your subscriber’s inbox at the same time at a recurring intervals. They will allow you to show them a variety of content and the information your subscribers might have missed if they have not visited your website lately.

According to the Hubspot, the successful email newsletters contain about 90% educational content and just 10% product or promotional content.

The same post from the Hubspot says that newsletters should contain a single theme or idea. That way you can prevent yourself from all the randomly throwing content into your newsletter just to get it out there.

You might even start sending out different newsletters on different topics based on who you are sending each newsletter to on your list.

What does an excellent newsletter look like? You can take an example from The Skimm:
you can try running a check for an email newsletter right from the Skimm

The Skimm newsletter is a specific newsletter in the fact that it rounds up the latest news from the day before and also quickly summarizes it for readers. It provides for the readers the benefit of not having to read long news stories and allows the subscribers to quickly catch up on the news from the day before.

Rounding up your most recent content into an informative email newsletter.

You can check another awesome newsletter round-up from Spotify:
You can take a look and run a survey on The Airbnb they have great newsletter also that mixes both the content and the promotional elements.

Automated Drip Emails


Automated drip campaigns are the emails that are sent to the users based on their interactions with your website, or the content that is sent on a schedule, to help them move customers down your marketing funnel.

Once your subscriber takes an action, emails are just slowly dripped into their email inbox to help convince them to convert.

These emails can change based on the action that your list members take. For example, saying that you had a subscriber who clicked on your product page, then added things to their cart, but did not make a purchase.

The automated emails could be sent to your subscriber that will just gently remind them to head back to their cart or learn more about their products.

You also can take see another example from the DoggyLoot:Email from Doggy Loot for promotions and for the shopping cart reminders

This is a very good example because of the sense of urgency the copy creates. If your customer does not buy these items now, they might miss out on them altogether.

Also “Asos” makes use of a similar tactic — encouraging customers not to forget about the items in their abandoned cart.

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