What Are Display Ads? Display Advertising Explained

What Are Display Ads? Display Advertising Explained

Advertising is a critical component of running a business — and doing it well online is critical in today’s competitive online marketplace.

What Are Display Ads?

Visual advertisements that appear on websites, mobile applications, and social media platforms are referred to as display advertisements. They frequently include text, images, video, and, in rare instances, audio.

Businesses pay for display ads in the same way they do for other forms of advertising in order to attract customers and increase sales. Cost per click is used to determine the cost of display advertisements. Each time someone clicks through to your landing page, you will be charged.

Why Do Display Ads Matter?

Because display advertisements are hyper-targeted, they are highly effective. Consider a more conventional method of advertising a vegetarian food delivery service: a billboard.

Anyone driving along a highway will notice an advertisement. While this indicates that the advertisement is reaching a large audience, it does not guarantee its effectiveness, as you know nothing about this audience except that they own cars. Their interests and needs are not addressed in the advertisement.

Assume, however, that the business utilizes online display advertising. In that case, they can pay for an advertisement to be displayed exclusively to their target audience — on cookery blogs, supermarket websites, or even on their own social media feeds — while still reaching a sizable audience.

Advertisements on the Google Display Network, according to Google, can reach 90 percent of global users. That is a worthwhile investment.

Advertisers benefit from the benefits of increased awareness, increased traffic, building trust, and optimizing their advertising budget for a positive return on investment.

Users will benefit from the added value of highly targeted advertising, as they will no longer be exposed to irrelevant ads online.

What is Important for Effective Display Ads?

While display advertisements have a large reach and enable you to target a large number of people, they are ineffective unless and until they convert leads into conversions.

What should you be concentrating your efforts on in order to convert those clicks into conversions?

Your Call to Action

A call to action (or CTA) is critical to the conversion of a display advertisement. Make your CTA stand out and easy to click to entice the user to visit your landing page. Incorporate phrases like ‘Learn more’ or ‘Register now.’

Another critical step is to emphasize the user benefit: include what the user will receive as a result of converting — for instance, ‘Click for a free trial!’ or ‘Download our e-book!’

Your Landing Page

Visitors should not be directed to any random page on your website by your display advertisement. A landing page should be created with the express purpose of persuading users to convert.

A good landing page complements the design of your advertisement and fulfills the promises made in it.

Your Ad Copy

Your advertisement copy (which includes the headline and body text) must work for you. When writing the advertisement’s text, you want to include the following:

  • An arresting headline (ideally under 80 characters).
  • A succinct summary highlighting the critical components.
  • Any promotional or special offers.
  • Appropriately sized images: Google recommends a 1:1 or 4:1 aspect ratio for your brand logo, as well as avoiding excessive text, images, and white space. The ratio of your main image should be 1.91:1 or 1:1.

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