Top Influencer Marketing Software Tools for 2021

While it is possible to engage in influencer marketing on a shoestring budget by gradually and organically building relationships with influencers, it is difficult work. When you consider the time required for you (or an employee) to develop the necessary relationships, it can also be quite costly. Numerous influencer marketing software tools streamline this process and are likely to save you money.

Although these software tools (also referred to as software platforms) began by focusing exclusively on influencer search and discovery, they have since expanded their services. Indeed, you can run a virtual influencer campaign entirely through one or a combination of these apps or other types of software.

Along with influencer discovery, there are software platforms for relationship management, campaign management, third-party analytics, amplification of influencer content, and influencer marketplaces.

Top Influencer Marketing Software Tools for 2021

1. Grin

Grin capitalizes on influencers’ genuine influence. Its philosophy is that influencer marketing is marketing to the influencer – brands must develop a rapport with potential influencers.

Grin tailors its pricing to each client’s specific requirements. Grin is used by businesses of all sizes, but it is particularly well-suited for eCommerce businesses due to its integrations with the major shopping platforms.

It includes all of the critical features that a top-tier marketing management system should and organizes them into workflows to ensure that users never become disoriented. Grin integrates with all major social media platforms, e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, email systems such as Gmail and Outlook, real-time communication platforms such as SMS and Slack, and office tools such as Google Drive and Office 365.

2. Upfluence

Upfluence analyzes nearly 3 million influencers who collectively have an audience reach of 82 billion. The software continuously indexes and updates all their profiles, analyzing each piece of content for reach and engagement.

Live Capture, a new tool, aims to connect your brand with the best influencers. It is presumptuous to believe that your customers are the best brand advocates and can serve as ambassadors for your products.

eCommerce merchants can integrate their online store with Upfluence’s software to identify and activate influencers who visit their website.

Upfluence allows brands and agencies to conduct keyword-based searches to identify influencers. Each keyword may be assigned a relative weight.

Upfluence is available on all of the major social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, and TikTok.

3. CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ uses technology to streamline the influencer marketing process while also addressing some of the industry’s long-standing issues, such as follower fraud, inflated reach metrics, and inauthentic/mercenary influencers. At the 2019 MarTech Awards, the company was named “Best Influencer Marketing Platform.”

CreatorIQ integrates directly with social platform APIs and analyzes over 1 billion public social profiles and their associated content using an AI-powered algorithm. Over 15 million creator profiles are deemed worthy of being indexed by the marketing software. It’s a software-as-a-service tool that identifies astonishingly relevant influencers. The AI calculates the “Integrity Quotient” of each influencer.

4. NeoReach

NeoReach employs an algorithm that mines the social web for data and indexes it for use in the software’s search function. NeoReach’s database contains information on over 3 million influencers across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Each client is charged on an individual basis based on the number of users and a few other factors. Its target customers, on the other hand, are large companies with sizable marketing departments.

The NeoReach software is built on a data-driven foundation. Its database contains an astounding amount of data about each influencer.

The interface is simple to use, even with the wealth of information associated with each profile. Likewise, users receive recommendations from artificial intelligence-powered software that analyzes your performance data and conducts brand affinity searches.

5. AspireIQ

Previously known as Revfluence, AspireIQ is a cloud-based data management platform. It is an influencer marketplace that enables the search and discovery of influencers, as well as relationship and campaign management. Managing your influencers is simplified when you use software like AspireIQ.

It’s simple to identify high-performing influencers, and the software includes tools for nurturing those relationships. Its recommendation engine identifies influencers who are similar to those with whom you have previously collaborated. There are tools for converting campaign content to paid advertisements. AspireIQ includes social listening capabilities that enable you to monitor brand mentions and keep track of who makes them. You can track your competitors’ social media activity.

Aspire IQ’s three service levels are priced individually and require a one-year commitment.

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