The Apple’s iOS 15 Could Be an Improvement to Email Marketing

The Apple’s iOS 15 Could Be an Improvement to Email Marketing

The Apple’s iOS 15 is packed with new features that can be of help to you in connecting with others, be more present and also in the moment, you can explore the world, and make use of powerful intelligence to do more with iPhone than you have ever before.

When it is released this fall, the Apple’s iOS 15 could make the capturing of some email marketing metrics more difficult, which might even improve performance.

On the month of June 7, 2021, the Apple described some of the new privacy features that it would offer in its forthcoming operating systems for the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch, and the Mac computers specifically for the iOS 15, the iPadOS 15, the watchOS 8, and the macOS Monterey. The changes to this iPhone might be the most impactful given that the number of individuals who read emails on that device are high.

New Email Privacy
The Apple operating system privacy updates will be of great impact in email tracking and by association email marketing in just three ways, according to Val Geisler, a customer evangelist at the email service provider Klaviyo.

1. More of the Apple users will know they can possibly hide their email addresses.

2. Apple will hide IP addresses.

3. Apple users can opt out of email tracking.

1. Hidden email address: The first of all these features, according to Geisler, has been available to the Apple customers for some time now, but Apple will now promote it more prominently to users and make it to be access easier.

An Apple support article from the month of December 2020 described the process of hiding an email address as “being a unique, a random email address is created, so that your personal email address is not shared with the app or with the website developer during the account setup and during the sign-in process.

The hiding of an email address may make it relatively more difficult for the list of consolidators or even for individual businesses to build customer profiles and to track behavior across websites or the apps.

2. No IP address: The Apple’s Mail app will not share a user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, doing this will make it difficult for the identification of a user’s location and thus building a profile of that person.

3. No email tracking: For 20 years and more than it, email marketing platforms have placed their invisible tracking pixels on the outgoing email marketing messages, allowing all these companies to track unique and the gross open rates.

But it is not everybody that likes to be tracked. So Apple will now allow folks that are reading email on the iOS 15 and give them the chance to opt out of any tracking, meaning that marketers won’t be able to see the open rates from those recipients.

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