How to Build an Email List From Scratch

Email list building is critical to effective email marketing. This ongoing process of meeting your target audience and grabbing their attention fuels your revenue stream.

1. Make your newsletter a valuable product

Make it worthwhile and enticing so that people will sign up for your newsletter. That’s why we recommend treating your newsletter like a product. Product development and message conveyance is the best approach.

Follow these three rules when it comes to newsletter design:

Focus on your target audience: go after your best customers. Proactively develop relevant content that matches their daily challenges.

Make it useful: solve real-life problems with your content. Focus on content that is relevant to your target audience.

Engage with your contacts and ask for feedback: send out emails that can be replied to, for example, for promotion, surveys, questionnaires, workshops, and so on. Get closer to your customers and prospects to collect more of their information needs.

2. Promote your newsletter like a product 

Once your newsletter is ready, you can then promote it using the available channels (just like you would do with a product).

Use a newsletter signup link or a banner promoting your lead magnet on your email signature and all your key social media profiles. Personal profile and business page description customization is standard in most platforms.

People who arrive on your blog organically represent your target audience. Invite them to join your email list if they enjoy your blog’s content.

Podcast: Tell listeners about your newsletter, and provide a subscription link. A separate email list is available for podcast listeners, who can receive an enhanced service.

PPC campaigns: Paid advertising necessitates funding, but provides you with substantial targeting options for identifying your target audience. Add Facebook Lead Ads and retargeting campaigns to expand your contact list.

3. Present the benefits or joining your email list 

Why would anyone join your contact list? Do you effectively communicate to the people who have not heard of your brand? Connect with your audience by giving them a good reason to follow you.

Try different incentives, like a loyalty program, discount, exclusive merchandise, or contest, and see which one works best.

4. Create a landing page for your newsletter 

A landing page, or “lead capture page”, is a single web page meant to build a contact list. create a landing page for your newsletter

Using a landing page creator is the most convenient way to build landing pages.

5. Add subscription forms to your website and blog 

Receive more relevant information by getting interested parties to sign up. There are numerous options, e.g., a subscription form, download box, scroll form, fixed bar, lightbox, or an exit pop-up.

6. Run a webinar for your target audience 

An on-demand webinar, or “online meeting” can be an excellent method to create a high-quality email list. It’s rather simple. Anyone who signs up to your contact list receives valuable information.

Carefully planned webinar content will certainly attract your target audience. You can utilize online marketing channels to increase outreach.


It’s all you need to begin building your email list. Read this article and start creating a reliable income stream. Make huge amounts of email marketing and make the remaining months of 2021 a good year for your business.

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