7 Ways to Build Your Email List with Facebook

7 Ways to Build Your Email List with Facebook

The amount of users on Facebook far surpasses all other social media platforms. It’s a sharing powerhouse. But Facebook is huge, so if you can do it on Facebook, you will not need to do it elsewhere.

Using the 800-pound gorilla of social media, could you build your email list? So you can. More than a dozen ways are available.

Add a coupon or a lead magnet to sweeten the deal

This is just like any other opt-in form or prompts. Offering a lead magnet, such as a coupon or free item, increases your subscriber count.

Add a landing page and opt-in to your site page link

Many people link to their homepage and that is fine. Your site’s traffic is critical, so take advantage of the Facebook visitors who come your way by directing them to a special landing page. Just send them to your website’s home page.

Add an email-gated or “form-gated” resource to your Facebook page

But, just like on Facebook, we can still gate content and require an email address. Apps such as Wishpond, TabSite, ShortStack, and Pagemodo all offer this capability.

Add a link to your Facebook cover image

Of course, send people to a squeeze page to opt-in. Edit your cover photo, then add a description to the photo. The description should include a call to action, as well as a link to the landing page.

Announce your upcoming newsletters and include a prompt to join your list

For better effectiveness, offer non-indexable content in your email newsletter. Effortless survey or content results emails are extremely powerful.

There’s nothing wrong with using email to notify your Facebook fans about something. Even if they don’t engage with that post, you might pique the fans’ interests enough to have them turn into email subscribers. Pre-announcement posts could increase the chance your email gets opened.

Run a contest, giveaway or sweepstakes

Marketers use this method to quickly build an email list. It’s great, but you need a great prize. The prize should be both valuable and unique, which will appeal to only your most ideal subscribers. Similarly, offer a fly rod as a prize, rather than an iPad.

Facebook fans tend to do best with contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes. If you only have a small audience, you could find only a small number of new subscribers through a contest.

If you want to have a form, use an app like Heyo or any other related apps. Create an offer that includes signing up for your email list. Offers are considered advertisements, but they’re not Facebook ads. There’s even a way to create them, though Facebook will try to guide you into advertising your offers.

Use Lead Ads to Collect Email Signups

One of the newer Facebook advertising options is to use Lead Ads. They are incredibly effective, too—users don’t have to exert any effort to provide their email address. They don’t even need to leave the Facebook platform to register for a webinar or download the ebook, because Facebook suggests it for them.

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