The entire flow of the ActiveCampaign is very straightforward and it is easy to grasp. The ActiveCampaign has a couple of unique aspects that we did not find with the rest service providers, namely the personal consultation call and the spam analyzing tool.

Adding your contacts to an email list is a beautiful standard process with the options to insert them individually, even importing the email contacts in bulk from a file, or by copy-pasting. If you are having a list with another email marketing service, you can still connect it, and your contacts will automatically get transferred. You can organize your contacts by simply adding tags to each of them.

Before you can start to create your email, you’ll need to build a campaign. There are several specific options for the type of campaign: the standard campaign, the automation, the RSS triggered, the date-based, and the A/B testing. The next step forward is to add a list to your campaign; however, you cannot add contacts individually or include all of your available subscribers.

You can start to create your email from scratch making use of the editor tool, select a template, or insert the custom HTML code. You can select from the 21 available templates and a bunch of layout options. The design tool itself is based on a drag and drop functionality with the pre-defined elements that you can proudly add to your email. There are also some the additional design options for each of the component. The ActiveCampaign also features an image editing tool in the email editor, which is a very good time saver.

ActiveCampaign email editor

Once you are done with your email, you can then get to the summary page. Here you can turn on the different tracking features, you can add a date for scheduling your email, and you can also run a Spam Check. The latter shows you how your message is likely considered spam by the email software – something unique we have not encountered with the other service providers. You can now start sending the message immediately, schedule it, or you can simply save and exit the editor.

Mobile Editor
The ActiveCampaign has a separate mobile app where you can go and check your reports, you can track customer activity, and also access your CRM. Unfortunately, there is not an editor featured there, so the app functions more as an information tool.

You can use the email editor in any of your mobile browser with all the editing features as another option.

The ActiveCampaign’s features are very similar to what you have already come to expect from the modern email marketing service. However, they have added a machine learning aspect for sending emails and for creating somewhat unique content.

There is no limit to the number of your emails and you can send with any of their plans. The other main features are the drag and drop design tools, the email and the marketing automation tools, the dynamic content options, the opt-in forms, and the social media integrations.

The ActiveCampaign offers you chat and also email support during business hours. The additional phone support offer-option only becomes available with a higher-tier plan.

Pricing & Plans
The ActiveCampaign’s plan progression is somewhat very peculiar. As you start increasing the number of contacts, your higher-tier plans become unavailable. So, the more your subscribers increases, the fewer features that you will have with your email marketing. You can also pay for the service with the monthly or the annual payments, where the yearly payment cost is much cheaper across the board. The ActiveCampaign also throw in a free data migration option from other email marketing services.

ActiveCampaign pricing plans

Their cheapest plan begins from the rate of $9/month with 500 contacts ($0.018/contact).

The ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day free trial with some of the limited features. Unfortunately, they do not offer a money-back guarantee.

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