The Drip’s user experience was quite good, but there is a slight learning curve to the whole of the interaction. It is clear that Drip wants to be very different from your regular email marketing platforms, and that is not a bad thing at all. The Design-wise, the dashboard, editor, and the navigation look so very uniform.

You can add the contacts in three standard ways: the individually, the importing emails in bulk from a file, and the copy-pasting. There is also a tag system so that you can categorize your email list. Once you start to pick your audience, the existing tags and the segment system gets clunky for the new users. However, once you continue making use of it a couple of times, it makes email targeting really simpler.

Now, if you want to build an email, you’ll need to either create a campaign or create a broadcast. Both of these have different options and the fields you would have to fill out with information before you proceed. You can then start building your email making use of plain text, the custom HTML code, or the built-in email builder.

When you choose the builder, you begin by selecting a pre-made template or you can start from scratch. You can also pre-create the custom templates that you can then choose. The email design tool also is quite robust. You have your familiar drag and drop blocks, but at the first glance, it looks a bit bare. However, there are some other additional options when you choose a block that you are going to insert into your email. At any time, you can choose to preview your email on a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile view.

Drip email editor

After you have created your email, you can opt for adding a subject line and the content variations to just make a split test. Then you can select to send your email out immediately or you can still schedule it for a later date. There are not too many steps here as you already inserted all of the required information before.

Mobile Editor
The Drip does not have a separate mobile application. Still, their dashboard and their email editor is accessible through any of your mobile browser. All the necessary functionality for creating an email is visible, but the whole interaction with the editor feels off and slow.

The Drip does not offer different tier plans. This simply means that the features you get are the same across the board.

You can start sending an unlimited number of emails with the Drip. Their other main features are the drag and drop tools, the customer segmentation options, the contact tags, the personalized content in emails, the opt-in forms, and the 100+ social media and 3rd party tool integrations. The Drip also have a nifty visual builder for the customer funnel flow, which you can split test also to determine the best one.

The Drip offers a 24/7 email support with their plan. However, you can still get an additional live chat support option when you exceed the 5,000 contacts.

Pricing & Plans
One of the most substantial perks of the Drip is that they do not have any plan tiers. Instead, they are just keeping it simple and only charge you based on the number of contacts that you have.

Drip pricing plans

The Drip’s cheapest plan starts from the rate of $19/month with 500 contacts ($0.038/contact).

The Drip offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required so that you can be allowed to test out their service. Since they do not lock features behind the layers of different plans, you are allowed to test the entire feature base

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