What Email Automation Tools Should You Have?

What Email Automation Tools Should You Have?

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As a small business owner, not knowing which email automation software to use might be difficult. Fortunately, this article will review the best email automation programs. Finally, master email marketing to convert more leads into clients. Learn more below.

  • Follow-up Emails
  • Automated Email Series
  • Autoresponders
  • A/B Testing
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Survey Creation
  • Scheduling
  • Pop-up Form Creation
  • Web Publishing
  • Custom Branding

Follow-up Emails

Getting an email automation solution that sends follow-up emails is one of the most significant steps firms can do to improve their email marketing efforts. Why? A follow-up email will remind your readers of your company. As a result, if they’ve gotten your welcome email but haven’t opened it, they’ll remember you if you send them an automated follow-up email.

Some email marketing software solutions allow you to track the results of using this automated tool. This might assist you determine if you’ve designed and written your follow-up email properly.

Automated Email Series

The automatic email series is another useful tool. This program can automate a full email campaign from start to finish. Welcome new subscribers or nurture relationships. They may also contain emails that increase engagement and help your company achieve its goals.

Set up these automatic email series with email automation software. Easily send them out and enhance open and clickthrough rates. This will enhance your company’s sales over time.


One of the most crucial email marketing techniques is to follow up with potential clients once they sign up for your list. Setting up autoresponders is one of the finest ways to do this.

An autoresponder is a script that automates email responses. It’s triggered by an email or specific website activity. A confirmation email is one of the most common. Other frequent autoresponders include creating a help ticket, sending an email once someone subscribes to a newsletter, and sending a receipt after a purchase.

If someone modifies an account configuration, they may receive a confirmation email. An out-of-office autoresponder is one that individuals get when they email someone. With autoresponders, you can ensure that you respond to potential consumers who email you or complete actions on your website that trigger an email response. So you can remain in touch with them and build your brand.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is another significant component of email automation. In this method, you can test which subject lines work best for your email marketing campaign. This form of testing can reveal how varied subject line elements affect open rates.

Experiment with length, values, and specific words to find the best subject lines. These data can be used to improve future campaigns.

Advanced Reporting

For an email marketing campaign to be successful, you must collect all relevant data. So you can keep improving your campaign and making it more effective. Detailed reporting should include:

  • Where are your subscribers?
  • Which devices do they use?
  • Where do they click?

Advanced reporting should also show you how your email users open their emails. With this information, you may customise your communications even further and send them to the right people. Advanced reporting allows you to tailor and compare your campaigns over time.

Survey Creation

Sending surveys to new and existing clients is a great approach to gather data. You can also include these surveys in your email marketing campaign to increase response rates. But creating surveys takes extra work—and time—that you may not have.

That’s why it’s smart to choose email automation software that includes survey development. You may quickly build and distribute mobile-friendly surveys this way. You can acquire customer insights quickly, allowing you to develop your products and services in real-time. Look for a survey creation platform that allows you to create excellent surveys even if you lack design or coding skills.


A platform that allows you to schedule social media postings or emails is also essential. This manner, you can generate material whenever it is convenient for you, without worrying about sending it afterwards.

Pop-up Form Creation

Pop-up forms are another crucial feature that you should be able to design for email automation. These forms help increase engagement and grow your email list. Look for a solution that allows you to effortlessly create pop-up forms.

Web Publishing

Are your emails valuable content that you want to keep even after you send them? Use the web publishing email automation tool in this scenario. You can upload it to the host and make it available to others via a link. You could even include the link in an email to new subscribers so they can continue read this excellent content.

Custom Branding

When you send out automated emails, part of the reason is to establish your brand so that potential clients remember you. And how can you best remind consumers of your brand? It is simple with custom branding. This function allows your brand to stand out when someone opens one of your automated emails.