5 reasons why email is essential to your marketing strategy

5 reasons why email is essential to your marketing strategy

Email marketing, according to Anna Rogers, Senior Content Manager Yellow, is a vital component of any small business owner. It is a low-cost, immediate method of communicating with your customer base. If you haven’t yet embraced email marketing for your small business, here are five compelling reasons to do so.

  • Email marketing is time-efficient
  • It keeps customers informed
  • Email marketing is not prohibitively expensive
  • It enables you to showcase your brand
  • Email demonstrates your expertise

Email marketing is time-efficient

Let’s face it, small business owners are time-strapped, and any marketing solution that helps them save time and money is always welcome. Email marketing is a remarkably efficient method of communication. Once you’ve created your templates, it’s easy to put together an email to send to your subscribers, freeing up time for you to focus on your business.

Email keeps customers informed

It has always been essential to keep your customers informed of any changes to your business or new products or services. It is more vital than ever during the coronavirus crisis. While you could update customers via your website or social media, email enables you to deliver a more personal message directly to their inbox. If your customers have indicated an interest in receiving emails from you, don’t be afraid to use email as your primary method of communication. Best of all, email enables you to tailor your communication. You can create additional lists to send messages to customers.

Email marketing is not prohibitively expensive

Email marketing is likely one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with your customers, dollar for dollar. With an abundance of email templates available online, creating an effective email is simple. In addition, email marketing enables you to capture your customer’s attention and nurture a relationship with them, which should result in a sale.

It enables you to showcase your brand

Each email you send to customers or subscribers is an opportunity to further establish your brand’s presence in their lives. Regular emails enable you to communicate with them about your brand and business. Consider what your brand represents and ensure that each email you send reflects your brand’s voice and values. Communicate your passion and purpose while remaining authentic at all times.

Email demonstrates your expertise

Each small business owner possesses a certain level of expertise with regards to their product or service. Utilize your email to increase your visibility as an expert in your field. Whether you’re an accountant, a designer, or a restaurateur, focus on your area of expertise and provide helpful hints to your customers. Establish yourself as a thought leader and share one-of-a-kind content created exclusively for your subscribers to assist them in thriving.