8 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Company Page

8 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Company Page

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Facebook Business Page is only as good as the people who view it. It’s not always easy to get noticed and liked. It’s also difficult to increase organic reach.

1. Personalize your page

Setting up a Facebook Business Page helps put a face on your company without using your personal profile.

People don’t want to buy from a stranger. Be relatable and personal in your posts. Make sure to tell your readers why they should buy a product.

There are many successful Facebook Business Pages. Samsung, for example, has over 160 million followers and is the most popular page. They stay on top by sharing meaningful content, not just ads.

2. Use high-resolution images and video

Everyone likes simple visuals.

Smartphones can capture stunning images, so why not share them on your Facebook Business Page?

Facebook shrinks photos to fit its platform, which can stretch images. Crop your photos before uploading as JPEG files for best results.

3. Enable the CTA button

Your ultimate goal is to turn fans into customers.

Adding a call-to-action button or two to your page directs visitors to the next step.

The CTAs could be a link to your shop, a form to schedule an appointment, or a phone number. There’s no reason to limit yourself to one CTA button on Facebook Business Pages.

Don’t go overboard, but let your fans know where you’ll be next.

4. Form a Facebook Group

Creating and joining Facebook Groups is a great way to meet new people.

Find groups to join by searching for keywords or target interests. Comment and respond to posts in your groups.

You’ll become a well-known member of the group, and your page will gain visibility.

5. Spread the word about your Facebook Business Page

Now is the time to put your online friends and followers to work for you. You’re already friends on Facebook, so they’ll likely gladly assist you.

So start with the promoting of your business page now!

Post to Instagram and Twitter. Inform your friends and their parents. Include a link to your page in any Facebook groups you create.

In short, make it easy for people to find your Facebook page.

6. Use Facebook Live and Stories

Facebook Stories and Facebook Live are two newer tools.

They help you connect with your audience better.

You can use Facebook Stories to share daily updates, from funny to serious, or to promote your business. Facebook Live also adds a personal touch. Or just post a daily update.

7. Post regularly

Success requires consistency.

Maintaining a regular posting schedule is critical to gaining followers and success. Your audience will remember you if you keep appearing in their feeds. Regular posting also gives you a lovely front page.

Visitors want to know that they can expect regular, high-quality content. Post once a week, preferably twice.

No need to worry if you can’t keep up with a strict posting schedule. However, there are many options to automate Facebook Business Page posts, including WordPress plugins and standalone apps.

8. Engage your Audience and Peers

Isn’t it great to get feedback on every post?

This emotion is shared by almost everyone, including your target demographic.

Find and follow people who share your brand’s interests on Facebook. Then, respond to their posts as much as you can.

Avoid sounding self-promotional. Instead, leave genuine, thoughtful comments that people will appreciate and visit your page.

Not afraid to contact companies whose products complement yours. They were all starting out and trying to achieve the same goals as you and are usually happy to help. Say so to a successful account you admire and see what happens if you hear back.

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