8 Subject Line Mistakes That Immediately Get Your Emails Deleted

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A good subject line is important for a successful email campaign. While it’s easy to get caught up in crafting clever copy and intricate designs, the subject line is the first element that draws attention. In reality, 47% of recipients open emails based solely on the subject line.

A good subject line is clear and relevant to the reader. Your email marketing campaign’s subject line should be short and sweet, with a strong call to action.

Don’t worry if your email campaign’s open rate is low! Avoiding common pitfalls can help boost your open rate higher than it’s ever been before. Here are some email marketing subject line mistakes to avoid.

1. Subject Lines

Nowadays, people expect online content to reflect their interests and personalities. A generic, boring subject line will reduce open rates. Personalized email subject lines have a 22% higher open rate than non-personalized subject lines. Customers who subscribe to your emails give you information about their gender, age, location, profession, and more. Construct better subject lines and increase open rates using this data.

2. Ignoring the Preheader

Now is the time to learn about email preheader text. The preheader text appears just after the subject line in your email. Some marketing campaigns use the browser’s instructions as the email preheader text. Instead, use an email service that lets you customize the preheader text to match your subject line.

3. Lack of Mobile Optimization

The average American spends 5.4 hours per day on their phone and checks 81% of incoming emails. This could be a game-changer if you aren’t already optimizing for mobile. On mobile devices, check that your subject line doesn’t turn into code or random characters. Subject lines with odd shapes or text will increase the likelihood of subscribers deleting your email campaign.

4. Lack of Urgency

Every subject line you write should evoke immediate action. Subject lines that create a sense of urgency have a 22% higher open rate. The subject line should give your subscribers a reason to open your email campaign right away. Nonetheless, avoid sounding deceptive or spammy. Spammy subject lines like “BUY NOW!” or “CLICK HERE” are deleted quickly.

5. Use of Special Characters

We don’t recommend using special characters in subject lines, as some marketers claim success. Using special characters can result in an additional spam email, reducing your campaign’s open rate. 70% of recipients mark emails as spam based on the subject line! Save special characters for the email body and use them sparingly to increase open rates.

6. Use of One-Word Subject Lines

However, there is such a thing as a too-short subject line. A one-word one is simply insufficient. A subject line like “Important” or “Sale!” is unlikely to be opened. Subscribers want to know what’s important or on sale right away. One-word subject lines appear unprofessional and resemble spam. Get creative with your few words and reap the rewards.

7. Long-Winded Subject Lines

A long subject line may be ignored by your subscribers. Remember that the average person receives 121 emails per day, all competing for their attention. The best subject lines are succinct. Desktop inboxes show about 60 characters of the subject line, while mobile inboxes show 25-30 characters. Clear communication in the first six to eight words increases open rates.

8. Misleading subject lines

A misleading subject line will quickly turn off customers and harm your audience. If it is misleading, people will unsubscribe, delete, or mark it as spam. Make the subject line’s main point clear. It’s best to be honest to keep loyal customers.

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