Subject lines for emails sent with a final chance

Your subject line should practically scream about your limited-time deal because it will be the first thing your subscribers see when they open their email. Make use of it as a visual hook to attract the attention of your users. Emoji are OK or suggested – you want to elicit an emotional response, which means you should also sound excited when you’re talking about it.

Because you want people to open your email and take a closer look at your products, your last chance email subject lines should excite and tease rather than expose the totality of your offer. Simply indicate the duration of your deal to emphasize the fact that it is a limited-time offer.

While it is not advisable to use all caps in email subject lines, it may be required in some situations, such as last minute correspondence. Individuals react immediately when they see all caps. Upper case is often linked with something important, and this is the effect we are attempting to achieve with our text. All caps are usually designated for emergency communications, thus it’s a harmless psychological technique to fool us into thinking something is essential.

You can even set the duration of your sale in hours rather than days, if you like. Although it is somewhat subjective, “48 hours” may appear to some people to be more condensed than “2 days,” especially when accompanied by a brutal countdown meter!

Here is what you can include in the subject line of your final chance email:

• Sign up before the promotion expires!

• HURRY! This promotion will expire in two days.

• This promotion has a limited duration.

• Take advantage of it before it expires!

• Last call!

• This sale is simply too wonderful to pass up.

• 50% off final hours


• Seize your bargains before they expire

• Almost finished!

• Acquire it or regret it

• Act quickly! These incredible bargains are nearly gone.

• Our sale is drawing to a close!

• Almost out of stock; act quickly

• Don’t miss out on these special offers!

• It will vanish tomorrow!

• You’ll be sorry you missed this sale. There are only two days remaining.

• Offer expires today! Take yours


• This is a sale you do not want to miss!

• There is only one day remaining!

In situations like this, succinct, snappy subject lines perform wonders. You might just write “last opportunity,” but keep in mind that your customers receive numerous such emails from different brands. It’s preferable to give yours a slight twist.

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