5 email marketing goals to increase subscriber trust

2020’s upheaval signals the need to re-establish solid foundations with our audiences. Rather than focusing exclusively on a single vanity metric, we recommend taking a holistic view of your audience and marketing strategies in order to end 2021 with a strong, engaged list of brand evangelists.

1. Know where you stand

How can you know what to improve if you are unfamiliar with your own numbers? Rather than relying on external experts to tell you which metrics to prioritize this year, conduct a deep dive into your previous year’s numbers and compare them to industry averages. This will provide you with a clear picture of your current position and where you should focus your growth efforts in 2021.

2. Optimize send time

Improving subject lines will only get you so far if you’re sending emails when the majority of your subscribers aren’t online. By sending your newsletter on the incorrect day of the week, you risk it being buried beneath the dozens of other emails people received between the time they received yours and the time they checked their inbox.

That is why, as one of the foundational goals for 2021, one of the primary objectives is to optimize your send time. As always, you should conduct tests to determine the optimal send day for your audience.

However, we discovered that on average, Friday is the best day to send email newsletters and Saturday is the worst.

3. Don’t use tricks

In 2020, ethical marketing tactics will become more prevalent. This demonstrates that consumers are fed up with being duped by less-than-transparent marketing.

It’s time to abandon any tactic that collects email addresses without explicit consent in your email marketing and instead embrace complete transparency.

4. Maintain an orderly list

Cleaning your list entails the elimination of inactive subscribers.

This fundamental practice benefits your email marketing strategy in the long run by ensuring that your metrics are accurate and not skewed by subscribers who never open your emails. This enables you to make informed decisions about how well your campaigns are performing and what needs to be adjusted to improve results.

To maintain a clean list, we recommend beginning with a re-engagement campaign to determine which inactive subscribers may wish to remain on your list. Those who do not re-engage can be removed from your list in bulk via our new bulk-delete feature.

5. Uphold commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Numerous businesses committed to renewing or initiating diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments in 2020 in response to systemic racial injustice. This year is an excellent time to ensure that your marketing, including email marketing, adheres to those commitments.

According to a report last year, up to 54% of people do not feel culturally represented in online marketing.

Therefore, please double-check your emails. Are your visuals inclusive of all people (including POC, LGBTQIA, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z)? Are you conscious of your use of presumptive language and stereotypes?

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