Huge Challenges to Successful Influencer Marketing

Huge Challenges to Successful Influencer Marketing

The Influencers have been put on a pedestal for some few years. Everyone that is from top global brands to the small startups have used the influencer marketing to promote themselves. But if you are keeping a distance from this marketing channel, likely possible it is because you are scared of the challenges that you might have to face.

Like every other marketing channel, the influencer marketing also has a few unique challenges that could possibly get in the way of success for a brand. But understanding these challenges can help to equip you with the knowledge for you to overcome them.

The influencer marketing has moved from the fad to a trend. The growing noise of a crowded web and the ad blockers has really made it a marketing tactic that gets the cut through.

One of the biggest challenge is measuring its effectiveness. That the spectrum ranges from the old traditional metrics method of impressions right through to the ROI of leads and the sales.

Positioning as a purpose-led brand
Brands that have embraced principles such as the respect for diversity, the sustainability, the security, the health, and the family connections stand out from the crowd. Customer experience, the product quality, and the price are all very important attributes but intangible components such as the ethical values, the transparency, the mission, and the company culture drive brand value. Purpose-led brands stand for something very big, even bigger than their products, and this is something that customers reward. Businesses that has promises to meet a need in the society, to solve a problem, and to also contribute to a brighter future are the ones that will create committed, create loyal, and also valuable brand ambassadors.

Many businesses have already started to shift their marketing strategies more toward values, purpose, and also meaning. The global pandemic has brought people face to face with some basic questions like: What is truly important in life? What are we here for? What are the things that we cherish? As it is very difficult to start pushing merchandise in these times when people are confronted with the uncertainty of human existence, brands need to start shifting their communications toward the values and the respond to broader societal challenges. The pandemic also have moved the market toward the value-driven influencer marketing so to create meaningful value for customers. Businesses are also loosening their control over the messaging and also over giving brand ambassadors more leeway.

Final thought
In times of the global pandemic and the crisis of unprecedented proportions, consumers are expecting that brands do what is right for them the consumers, the suppliers, the employees, the communities, and the society at large. Consumers are expecting that brands provide social support, they should also provide empathy and then facilitate community and cohesion. Businesses that make use of the influencer marketing to take advantage of the crisis are not well received. Today even more than ever, consumers are demanding that communication is comforting and also helps alleviate crisis-related fear, the uncertainty, and the challenges.

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