The Tangible marketing and Its Function

Tangible marketing is simply making use of promotional items to contribute to the brand recognition and the customer loyalty. Gifts and freebies should be approached too with a defined strategy in order for you to create the highest impact for your marketing dollars.

Tangible marketing items like that of the branded goods are built to last and they will stick around for a very long time. If somebody has a flash drive that contains your logo on it, for example, they will see your logo every time that they are making use of their computer. People have a stronger attachment to a well-made tangible items, so they will keep spreading your brand message for years and years to come.



When was the last time you try paying attention to a banner ad or paying attention to a pop-up? How often do you try opening and reading your marketing emails? Most people use the ad blocking software and the spam filters so a lot of digital ads hardly ever get seen.

Even if they are just there, people tend to naturally filter them out and to just focus on whatever content that they are actually interested in viewing. All of your hard work will just fade into the background and you won’t even see much of a return on that investment. But the tangible items have much more better visibility.

Take a look at the business card, for example. If you send somebody an email or you present them with an ad that is linking to your website, they may not even notice it at all. However, if you hand them a business card, it will go straight into their pocket or sit on their desk.

If you make it to stand out by using a gold foil business card printing service and you come up with an eye-catching design, people will really take notice of it. They are far more likely to head straight to your website or they will give you a call because your brand is a lot more visible.


Credibility is very important in marketing. If people do not trust you and they don’t trust your message, they won’t become your customers. Digital marketing methods have a very big credibility issue because there is a danger of encountering cyberattacks.

People are cautious about the way they open emails that they do not recognize and if they go onto a site that is just covered in ads, it always looks somehow suspicious. The problem is, associating your business with those potentially malicious online activity can erode trust.

There are also issues with credibility where the content is very much concerned. Misinformation is a very huge problem online so unless people are willing to give and spend their time checking the information you have given to them, it is likely they will have to take it with just a pinch of salt. But studies have shown that people generally think that the tangible marketing materials have much more credibility.

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