Setting Goals For Your Emails


The next thing that is needed for you to do is set goals for your email marketing.

Goal-setting is really critical for your email marketing program because it will give each email you send a specific purpose. You need to know the place you are heading before you can strategize a route to get there.

Setting strategic goals will help you show your boss and the other stakeholders in your organization that your email marketing strategy have the right effect on your bottom line.

How can you create a solid email marketing goal? By ensuring they are S.M.A.R.T.:

What are the SMART goals?

Each of your goal that you create should be measurable, so that you’ll have a way to track your results, and specific to your campaign. Make sure that they are ambitious, but not too high that they are impossible to reach.

Every of your goal should be relevant to the campaign in which it has been created.

In other words, you do not necessarily want to track the number of purchases that an email drove if it is not directly selling something.

For example, a promo email’s goal could be simply the total sales attributed to the said email, while a simple newsletter could be the CTR on an article included.

Plus, each of the goal needs to be time-bound — meaning you should be able to meet your goal within a set time limit.

What kind of goals can be set for your email marketing program?

1. Increasing click-through rates: The Click-through rates mean that your audience has read your email, and they have also followed through to click the link to your website, which could be a chance to increase your conversions.

2. Increasing your ROI: For every dollar that you have spent on the email marketing, you see an average about $44 return. You could set goals to help you increase your average ROI.

3. Increasing your open rates: An unopened email is like as effective as an unsent email. Trying to increase your open rates is a very solid goal to set for your email marketing strategy.

4. Increasing the number of subscribers: The more people that you can reach with your emails, the better for you. You need to set a series of goals that will help you increase your total subscribers.

You can make use of some templates to create each one of your goals:

By simply {insert day, the month, the year}, {insert your organization’s name} the marketing team will reach {insert the number} {insert the metric} every {insert the time frame}.

Enter those goals into your template: Your annual email marketing goals

Action Items:

1. For each of the campaign, you need to set a series of S.M.A.R.T. goals that will help to prove the success or failure of your campaign.

2. Track each goal and then record results in your template.

3. Report back to your boss on progress.


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