Why email marketing?

What makes email marketing one of the greatest digital marketing tactics available? Let’s discuss why email marketing should be a vital component of your plan.

1. Email is used around the world

Among the marketing tactics accessible, email is the most widely employed.

By 2020, it is predicted that 3 billion individuals will use email on a global scale. And presently, 92 percent of adults with Internet access use email, with 61% of them doing so daily.

With these figures in hand, it’s clear that email is a sure-fire method of reaching a sizable chunk of your audience.

2. High ROI

The return on investment, or ROI, is the amount of money earned for every dollar spent. You desire a high return on investment since it indicates that you’re getting the most value for your money and spending it wisely.

The average return on investment (ROI) of an email marketing campaign is 3800 percent, with segmented, targeted, and triggered efforts accounting for 77% of that ROI.

3. Great engagement

By and large, email generates higher engagement than other kinds of digital marketing.

For instance, an email is six times more likely than a tweet to generate hits. You can incorporate entertaining components such as photographs, videos, gifs, and buttons into your emails — and while you can incorporate some of these elements into a tweet, emails give the textual substance that a tweet lacks.

Additionally, your message is five times more likely to be viewed if it is sent by email rather than Facebook.

4. You can personalize each email

Conversions are a primary objective of digital marketing – and email conversion rates are rather high.

In comparison to search engines and social media, email marketing has the highest conversion rates, with 4.24 percent of visitors making a purchase, compared to 2.49 percent for search engines and 0.59 percent for social media.

5. Each email can be customized

Consider each tweet you send to your followers or each Facebook post you publish. While there are ways to target your audience, you cannot tailor it for each reader.

However, with email marketing, you can customise each message to each recipient. If you’re unsure of the impact customization has on your email marketing strategy, trust us when we say it’s significant!

When you customize an email, you can expect a sixfold increase in transaction rates. Additionally, emails with a personalized subject line are 26% more likely to be opened than ones with a generic subject line.

In terms of general customisation, you can customize your subject lines and even use the recipient’s name in the email’s opening.

Additionally, you may tailor your campaigns so that people interested in specific items or services receive emails about those products or services.

Indeed, segmented and targeted emails account for 58% of income.

6. Real-time deliver

Unlike with direct mail (or any other kind of traditional marketing), email consumers hear your message immediately.

It’s difficult to tell whether they’ll read your message immediately after it arrives in their inbox, but regardless, when you send an email, it reaches the recipient in a couple of seconds.

Direct mailers can take days to send — and email marketing eliminates the need for postage.

7. Increased and easier communication

It’s simple to initiate and maintain a conversation with your present and prospective consumers with email marketing.

For instance, if you issue a monthly newsletter informing your consumers about one of your new items, email enables them to contact you quickly and easily with any queries they may have. Additionally, you’ll be able to respond swiftly and effortlessly — effectively building an open channel of communication with your consumers.

All clients seek accessibility – even those who are disinterested in your offering. They want their inquiries answered prior to making a purchase from your organization.

8. Easy to track

If you launch a direct mail campaign, you’ll never know whether the mailer you sent ended up in a filing cabinet, the garbage, or was even opened. This can be a significant financial waste – both in terms of postage and paper products.

Additionally, it is exceedingly difficult to determine which portions of your mailing campaign are working and which are not, because you have no means of knowing which parts readers read, which parts they want to learn more about, or which parts they were uninterested in.

Email marketing enables you to quickly track your emails, so you can see who opened them, how many times they were opened, and when they were opened.

You’ll be able to see which links in the email were clicked – indicating whether the content you’re delivering is valuable or if recipients are uninterested.

By tracking your emails, you can create the optimal content by assessing what your recipients appear to be interested in, what they don’t click, and what drives them to your website.

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