Brand safety controls on Facebook for The Commerce and The Ads IP tool

Brand safety controls on Facebook for The Commerce and The Ads IP tool

The Brand safety allows you to have the ability to control where your ads are delivered on the Facebook, the Instagram, the WhatsApp and any Audience Network. You can prevent your ads from appearing within or appearing alongside content and the publishers that are not suitable to your brand.

As it is known there are now new IP protection tools, that will help protect your intellectual property across all of the Facebook suite of tools. This will be helpful in protecting your brand and combat the the promotion and sale of counterfeit items.

This is an exceptionally great news, as this has been a real problem for hot products for some time now. The new stated measures include a “notice-and-takedown” program to machine learning investments that will be of help to identify and to suspend counterfeits.

As part of this program, they are also working on updating their Commerce and their Ads IP tool. You can now apply to access this tool. The updates that it has include the image search functionality and more expansive search results.

Community Managers Online Course Expands Globally

Facebook has some outstanding courses to walk businesses, brands, and the social media marketers through the marketing and the advertising process. The Facebook Blueprint is an excellent example of that.

Their online courses that they offer for community managers are no exception, and these have now really expanded globally. The program, which details how the managers can build and they can grow their communities, was originally released last year October only in English though. It is now available in some other additional languages, including The Thai, the Arabic, the French, the Spanish, the German, the Indonesian, and the Portuguese.

February was a kind of slow month for Facebook updates, so we are rolling straight into January 2021! Here, we are going to look at the topic the exclusion testing, the new Instagram professional dashboard, and the new tools to disclose partnerships.

Since the Instagram is closely tied into the Facebook as its sister app, we are going to cover these changes here so you are up to date across both of the platforms.

In Testing: Topic Exclusion Controls for Advertisers
Facebook is recently building and will soon be testing the new advertiser topic exclusion controls, which will be an extension of their brand safety measures. The goal here is to allow advertisers to prevent their ads from appearing in the Newsfeed that is next to certain topics, based on their brand suitability preferences.

A vegan company, for an example, might not just want to have their ad displayed next to a post from a Page that is offering bulk orders of meat. Seeing the two ads back to back could create an association that the brand does not want.

This is not entirely unlike how the brands can choose to have their video ads excluded from showing in the content of certain of the creators or the creators in certain industries to prevent the associations they want to avoid.

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