Facebook’s Dynamic streaming Ad

Here is the reason why this is a big deal: Before this update, the streaming creators typically had to promote their different media titles separately.

Abstract: Hulu would create an entirely separate campaigns, for example, for The Handmaid’s Tale than they would for the Shrill. Now, however, they can now create a single campaign anytime they choose and if they choose to and let the Facebook’s incredible optimization features do the heavy lifting (ATT’s impact notwithstanding, of course).

What do you think? Which of these Facebook updates are you now anticipating for the most? What were you hoping we would see, and what are you expecting to see next?

Facebook Updates Done On the Month of March 2021

Around the month of March 2021 it was another exceptional month for Facebook updates, giving us about three great new changes: the more IGTV ad expansions, the additional brand safety controls, and the online courses for community managers were all released.

IGTV Ad Expansion

The IGTV ads were the first to be announced and rolled out on a small testing basis at last year, and in the month of March it was announced that they would be rolling out to more their users across the globe. These ads made use of a revenue-share model, and have been slowly improved over the last year. The mobile-first and the immersive ads all appeared when people click to watch the IGTV videos from the previews in their feed, helping to make capture of more high-intent users who will just sit through the ad.

Now, the select creators in the Australia and the UK will be allowed access, which is a very good sign for even more significant expansions that is soon to come. This opens up even more ad placements for all users, and can also allow creators to earn some passive income on the platform, making it a win-win for everybody. The fact that it is so high intent by just capturing users who already have clicked to watch the video will likely help to boost the video completion rates, too.

Updates to Brand Safety Controls

The Brand safety controls have been a really cherished feature for many of the advertisers on Facebook for some time, and in the month of March we got a few new great options that will help with this.

First: With the Rights Manager, the copyright owners can opt to claim and to collect the ad earnings on copyrighted content that is already published by other Pages, as long as both parties aligns with the partner monetization policies.

This means that when somebody shares your content, you can still make profit from it accordingly instead of just automatically having it blocked for copyright issues.

Second: They are integrating the “publisher allow” lists and the inventory filters into the Ads Manager’s reach estimator. This can help you to assess what your campaigns’ reach is after you have narrowed down the particular creators your ad content can appear in.

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