Six Email Marketing Tips Effective For Mobile App Development

Below we have five tips that are essential for effective email marketing during mobile app development;


1. A Powerful Call to Action:

There is no point for you sending dozens of emails if you do not inform your readers on what you want them to do with.

The Call to action is a very important element that is used for a successful email marketing campaign. It is that push which is sometimes needed to turn your readers into a customer.

A call to action can request your customers to make a purchase, or to subscribe to a newsletter, to click on a link, or even fill a survey form etc. Email marketing example from Netflix.


2. Proper Formatting:

The way and manner by which the content of your email is been presented also goes a long way to determine the success of your campaign.

First, you need to learn how to make use of catchy titles and making use of engaging opening lines. Your opening lines must be very catchy and also must be geared at holding and sustaining the attention of your readers.

The opening paragraphs of your email must be such as it will highlight the subject matter of the content. Don’t beat around the bush, otherwise you will lose your readers even before they get to what they really need.

Also, the mobile app developers have to observe and do a proper formatting of their content so as to make them easy and readable. This will include making use of short paragraphs, making use of keywords and phrases that are relevant to their content, making use of bullet points to enable your audience to skim through their content and identify the key points available, making use of images to illustrate message etc.


3. Ability To Unsubscribe:

Although this may seem like a point that is a successful email marketing campaign but the actual truth is that, it is beneficial to it.

Atimes for some reasons, a subscriber may just want to opt out of your mailing list. That is if they are unable to get what they need or they find it extremely difficult to, they may just flag your email as spam and this will not be ideal cos it will cause you problems down the line.


4. Ensure It Is Mobile Friendly:

These days we are in the age of smartphones where majority of users now access the web via their phones than via their desktops.

Therefore, if you want to have a successful email marketing campaign the top app development companies must ensure that their constructive emails should be mobile friendly.

The emails must be able to open on the mobile devices without any elements of the email missing. One way for you to confirm how mobile friendly your emails are is to simply subscribe to your newsletter and then you view it on your smartphone.


5. Test

Before you start sending out emails first ensure that you test and you double check your message. Be sure that all the properties and links to your email are working properly.

You can also check it on different platforms and also on a different mobile devices. For more efficient testing, you can also utilize tools like the Litmus.

It is not a good practice to send mass email to prospects without testing. If there be any major error this could possibly damage the credibility of your brand tremendously.


6. Monitor Your Data

To have an effective email marketing campaign that will promote your mobile app, it is very vital that you should monitor your data. You need to take note of how many of your subscribers actually opened their emails and how many of your subscribers carried out the expected action. Other information such as the time of day your prospects opened the messages is also very important


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