How to Make Your Own YouTube Channel and Personalize It

How to Make Your Own YouTube Channel and Personalize It

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Opening YouTube Studio in a web browser on a computer will be demonstrated in this article. YouTube Studio can be used to personalize videos that you’ve uploaded to the site or to manage your account.

  • The Most Convenient Way to Get to Your YouTube Channel
  • Customizations to the Standard Channels and How to Configure Them
  • The Most Effective Method of Organizing Your Videos
  • Make alterations or personalize Channel Preferences

The Most Convenient Way to Get to Your YouTube Channel

Your YouTube channel is linked to your YouTube account, which makes it extremely easy to access from any computer.

  1. Enter in your web browser and click Sign in to log into your YouTube account. 2.
  2. Select your profile picture or account icon from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select YouTube Studio from the drop-down menu to access the channel dashboard.
  4. You have the ability to modify and edit your YouTube channel at any time from the YouTube Studio dashboard for your YouTube channel.

Customizations to the Standard Channels and How to Configure Them

After you’ve created your YouTube channel, you can use YouTube Studio to customize and edit it in a variety of ways. What you should do if you need to rearrange the videos on your YouTube channel, edit your home page, or change the description of your channel, among other things.

When you create a YouTube channel, you have the option of customizing the description and other aspects of the channel. At any time, you can make changes and personalize your channel with relative ease. The following is an explanation of how it works.

Customizations to the Standard Channels and How to Configure Them

  1. To begin, choose Customization from the left-hand menu.
  2. In the Video Spotlight section of the Layout tab, select Add in order to include a preview trailer that non-subscribers to your channel can view.
  3. Click on Add under Featured Video for Returning Subscribers to upload a video that will be shown to your subscribers the next time they visit your YouTube channel.
  4. To further customize the channel’s home page layout, select Add Section from the Featured Sections menu and enter a section name.
  5. The channel can contain up to ten categories, including Popular Uploads, Previous Livestreams, and Upcoming Livestreams, among others.
  6. Click on the Branding tab to see additional customization options for your website.
  7. Select Upload under Profile Photo to upload or update the profile photo for your channel.
  8. Upload a custom banner to the channel by selecting Upload under Banner Image on the left.
  9. Choose Upload from the Video Watermark drop-down menu to add a custom watermark to the right corner of your films.
  10. In the Basic Info tab, you can change the name and description of the channel. Change the name of the channel by selecting Edit Channel Name (it looks like a pen) and then entering a description in the box that appears.
  11. Select Add Language from the drop-down menu to include a new language in the description of the channel.
  12. Select the language in which you want the description to be translated.
  13. Click on Add Link under Links to include links to websites that you think your readers will find interesting.
  14. Include your email address in the Contact Information section of your website so that subscribers and other interested parties can get in touch with you.

The Most Effective Method of Organizing Your Videos

After you’ve submitted videos, you may edit their descriptions, apply filters, and do a variety of other things with them at any time.

  1. Choose Videos from the left-hand menu on the dashboard’s main screen.
  2. You’ll find the videos you’ve uploaded to your channel under the Uploads section.
  3. Choose a video by selecting it from the drop-down menu next to it and then choosing Edit from the menu above.
  4. Select a category from the drop-down menu to edit the video’s title, tags, description, and visibility.
  5. To include this video in a playlist, click on the Add to Playlist button.
  6. Select Download or Delete from the More Actions drop-down menu to download or delete the video from your computer.
  7. To make changes to the details of a selected video, click on the Details (pen icon) button next to the video.
  8. Create a title, description, and thumbnail for the video or add it to a playlist after uploading. You can also control the video’s audience and visibility by editing the video’s settings.
  9. Alternatively, you can hover over a video and press and hold the Options key to rearrange the videos in your list (three dots). Drag and drop the video file to the desired location in the list to play it back.
  10. To change the title and description of the video, to generate a shareable link, to download or delete the video, select Options from the drop-down menu.

Make alterations or personalize Channel Preferences

You can easily change or add new parameters to your YouTube channel with a simple click. The following are some of the most fundamental channel configurations.

  1. From the left-hand menu, select Settings.
  2. Select Channel, then Basic Info from the drop-down menu to enter your country of residence and basic channel keywords.
  3. Go to the Advanced Settings menu and decide whether you want to identify a channel as suitable for children or whether you want to manually check films for kid friendliness.
  4. To connect a Google account, turn off Interest-Based Ads. Then prevent potentially inappropriate words from appearing in auto-generated captions. And scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  5. Select Feature Eligibility from the drop-down menu to learn about additional features that the channel may be capable of supporting.