How to Reset a Forgotten Hotmail Password on Windows Live

How to Reset a Forgotten Hotmail Password on Windows Live

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If you’ve forgotten your Hotmail password, resetting it is a straightforward process. Perhaps it has been a long time since you accessed your email account and you are having trouble recalling your password. Resetting your Hotmail password is simple and can be done through, no matter what the cause may be.

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A new Hotmail password can be created in the same way that a password can be created for any other Microsoft account: simply follow the on-screen prompts to verify your identity and acquire a new email password.

  1. Open your web browser and proceed to, where you will click the Sign In button.
  2. Enter your Hotmail email address and click on the Next button.

At the bottom of the Enter Password box, there is a link that says Forgot password.

  1. Select Show Additional Verification Methods from the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose one of the following options from the following list that is acceptable:
  • If you choose the email option, a link to reset your password will be sent to the email address on file. You must provide the whole address in order to make use of this method.
  • If you choose the text option, you will receive a text message with instructions on how to log in. In order to make use of it, you must input the last four digits of your phone number. Resetting your password with the authenticator app is another option that you can try if you’ve previously enabled it.

6. Alternatively, you can select Next if you’re using the app to reset your Hotmail password or if you don’t have access to either of the previously mentioned methods.

  1. Lastly, follow the on-screen directions to complete the process.
  • When you send a text message or send an email, you will receive a code that you must input on the web page in order to reset your password.
  • To use the app, you must first input the phone number that appears on the screen of the app, after which you can reset your Hotmail account password.
  • It is possible to complete further on-screen procedures in order to validate your identity and acquire an entirely new password if none of the above three options are available to you.
  1. Complete the Hotmail password reset procedure by entering a new password in each of the fields provided on the screen and clicking Next.


  • It is recommended that you use a password manager to store your new password to avoid having to go through the following procedures again if you forget your password. A password manager reduces the number of passwords you have to remember to just one: a primary password. By remembering one password, you’ll be able to access a list of all the other passwords you’ve saved, including your Hotmail email password.
  • You should consider forwarding emails addressed to your Hotmail account to another account that you use and check on a regular basis if you don’t use your Hotmail account very often and have forgotten your password (like a Gmail or Yahoo account, or even another account). The forwarding options are accessed through the Mail > Forwarding settings menu option. It is possible to utilize similar options to forward specific emails only to your second email account.
  • Add security information to your Hotmail account by going to the security settings for your Microsoft account and selecting it. After that, you can input a recovery email address or phone number if necessary. The additional security options page allows you to execute additional security activities such as adding an identity verification app to your account, obtaining recovery codes, and performing other security functions. If you ever need to reset your email password again, you can retrieve the login code by using one of the ways listed above again.