How to Mute Conversations in Gmail

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Gmail makes it incredibly simple to ignore, or “mute,” a conversation in order to immediately archive the entire thread and stop receiving notifications about new messages. Let’s take a look at how

  • How to Mute Conversations in Gmail
  • How to Unmute Conversations in Gmail
  • Mute vs. Archive

How to Mute Conversations in Gmail

To mute a conversation, open the message you wish to ignore and then click the More (…) menu and select Mute.

Additionally, you can use a keyboard shortcut. To do this, simply open the message and press the m key. Multiple messages can be muted simultaneously by selecting them all from a list and then using the More > Mute option.

How to Unmute Conversations in Gmail

All Mail receives muted messages. To unmute them, you must first locate them by:

  • Examining All Mail.
  • Using criteria such as the sender’s email address, text contained within the message, and the subject to locate the message.
  • The search bar’s entering is muted.

Then, to unmute a conversation, follow these steps:

  1. Open the message that needs to be unmuted.
  2. To unmute a thread, select More > Unmute.
  3. Alternatively, click the X to the right of the word Muted.

To unmute multiple emails simultaneously, select them all from the list of muted emails, then click More > Unmute.

To manually drag and drop a recently unmuted email into the Inbox or another folder, use the Move to option (look for the folder icon).

Mute vs. Archive

While an archived message is moved to the All Mail folder to assist in keeping your Inbox clean, any replies sent to you via that conversation are returned to the Inbox.

A muted message is also placed in the All Mail folder, but replies are ignored and do not appear in the Inbox. You must manually locate and monitor muted emails if you wish to stay current on responses.

This is why the Mute feature is extremely beneficial: It enables you to disregard messages without permanently deleting them or blocking their senders.