How to Optimize Email Marketing for Mobile

How to Optimize Email Marketing for Mobile

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People are increasingly abandoning desktops in favor of smartphones. They check their personal and marketing emails on their phones more than their computers. Email campaigns must be created with this in mind.

Let’s take a look at how you can optimize your email campaigns for maximum results.

  • Use Simple, Readable Fonts in Emails
  • Select the Right Hosting Provider
  • Select Photos Carefully
  • Make Your CTA Buttons Finger-Friendly
  • Test
  1. Use Simple, Readable Fonts in Emails

Given the small screen size of mobile phones, concise organization is critical. Mobile subscribers are usually on the go, so keep it simple and to the point.

Use bullet points and put important information at the top of the email. If you have several updates to make, try to be concise. If you have multiple ideas, use subheadings, paragraph breaks, and dividers. This will help them distinguish between topics.

Focus on functionality, keeping in mind the mobile viewing window. The body of the email should be written in 13 point font. Any smaller and the email will be rearranged, ruining your planned layout. Nobody wants to zoom in on your email.

A 30-point font would be better than a 22-point header. Keep your subject lines brief. Use a subject line of no more than 40 characters to engage your subscribers. Try to pique their interest before they open the email.

  1. Select the Right Hosting Provider

Many people focus on external options rather than internal ones as part of their marketing strategy. You can’t create a good email marketing strategy unless you have quality website and email hosting. Several people will see your “online face.” The same goes for the daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter. The web hosting company is in charge of your website’s speed and mobile friendliness. So choosing a web hosting provider is essential if you want good email marketing results.

  1. Select Photos Carefully

Consider using images instead of long text descriptions. While emails have become more visual, you should avoid overloading them with images. Your images should support the message you want to convey.

Clients may block images from emails to save data, resulting in a blank screen instead of carefully selected images. While iOS automatically displays photos, Android and other platforms do not.

However, it is vital to include alt text to give the user an idea of the image’s content. The recipient will still understand the email’s context.

To fully optimize your graphics, you must reduce their size. Large images take longer to load on mobile devices than on laptops or desktops, and users are unlikely to wait.

The best way is to use a file optimizer, then center the images on each device. The image should not exceed 600px. Use JPG over PNG.

  1. Make Your CTA Buttons Finger-Friendly

CTAs are vital in emails:

  • You don’t want users to just read
  • You want more reading
  • You want them to click through.
  • You want them to opt-in
  • You want them to buy

Get users’ attention by placing the offer first and repeating the CTA at the end. Bulletproof buttons are built using basic CSS and HTML. The button should be large enough for the subscriber to click it with one thumb.

  1. Test

If your email doesn’t display properly on their screens, many recipients will be annoyed and delete it before it even loads. Before scheduling and sending, test the email on a variety of devices.

With an email previewer like Litmus, this is simple. Testing best practices include:

  • Use images wisely.
  • Pair images and text
  • Alt text
  • Plain-text version

Make sure everything displays exactly how you want it. Knowing what mobile email optimization tactics to use will help you create a flawless email campaign. An email response is crucial in determining whether your audience continues down the conversion funnel.

Remember that optimizing your email for optimal viewing will allow you to grow your audience.