How to Maximize Your Sales Tool Investment

Sales tools are a broad category of software solutions used by businesses to increase sales. They all have the same goal: to reduce your sales team’s workload.

While there are numerous sales tools available, a few have gained widespread popularity. Let’s review some of the sales tools you can always make use of for your sales

  • Sales Intelligence
  • CRM Software
  • Sales Productivity
  • Integrations Tools and Data Connectors
  • Sales Acceleration
  • ABM and Marketing Automation
  • Sales Analytics

1. Sales Intelligence

Sales tools help your sales team learn as much about their customers as possible before making a sales call.

Various sales intelligence tools can do this. They can help your company clean up faulty customer data, replace it with verified data, and even generate new verified data for your database.

2. CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software keeps track of customers so your company never forgets or underserves them. Your CRM software is the backbone of your sales team, but it does so much more. CRM software can automate daily tasks, streamline social media, and centralize data.

3. Sales Productivity

Sales productivity tools are tools that sales teams, like any other team in a business, can use to collaborate more effectively. Tools like Zoom for meetings, Calandly for scheduling, and PayPal for payments.

4. Integrations Tools and Data Connectors

These tools make it easy to move sales data from one platform to another. Many sales teams found themselves spending too much time manually moving data from one database to another, and not enough time interacting with prospects.

Data connectors do so much more than copy and paste data. They can filter data to ensure only relevant data is moved between databases, avoiding duplication. They can also reformat data to make it searchable in the new database.

5. Sales Acceleration

Sales acceleration software automates administrative tasks, freeing your team to focus on the sales process. This software helps sales reps have more time for sales conversations.

6. ABM and Marketing Automation

These tools aim to raise awareness and initial engagement in the sales funnel. Automated marketing sends promotional materials via email, text, and social media. As a result, your sales team is only interacting with businesses that are already interested in your services.

When choosing ABM (account-based marketing) data services, check the vendor’s compliance commitments. To get the most out of your services, make sure your vendor regularly scrubs their lists of do-not-call numbers and is committed to compliance. More on compliance later.

Similarly, sales enablement software increases sales conversations, but it does so in slightly different ways. Sales enablement software helps sales reps get the data they need, whether it’s external trend data or internal product details and case studies, they need.

7. Sales Analytics

Sales analytics tools help your company perform better by providing quick feedback on recent sales. This feedback will help you make more sales and better target your marketing.