4 Marketing Automation Campaigns to Promote You

Here are seven marketing automation campaigns that should get you promoted.

  • Follow-Up
  • Newsletters
  • Taking the Pain Out of Event Follow-Ups
  • Personalizing Mass Campaigns


Supposing someone has downloaded content or requested information, and then you must follow up. It’s one of the most basic but vital marketing automation campaigns.

You must respond with at least one email, preferably a sequence. You can add value by including information about why someone signed up or filled out a form. It will reveal the person’s interests and perhaps even role-related issues.

The goal of every email is to move people from awareness to curiosity, curiosity to desire, and desire to action. Your follow-up offer should target customers who have progressed further along the customer journey and are nearing a decision.

Marketers assume that people who fill out forms and download whitepapers will read them for weeks, but this isn’t true. Don’t be afraid of sending out follow-up emails frequently.

Of course, the only way to find the best interval is to A/B-test both shorter and longer intervals between emails.


It may come as a surprise to include newsletters in a list of promotional campaigns. Many consider them obsolete. Our newsletter, however, is a major source of new clients.

Great newsletter content is essential. To reach engineers in the electronics industry, assume you have a good database and send them content they want to read.

A newsletter requires a steady stream of high-quality content, but it is a marketing automation campaign that can get you noticed.

Taking the Pain Out of Event Follow-Ups

Most salespeople hate cold calling after tradeshows, especially if they haven’t met the person, and won’t call all the leads.

Marketing automation is a great way to follow up. Thank people for coming to your booth and ask if they have any immediate needs.

If people respond, it’s a great way to get salespeople’s attention without giving them a long list of “possibles but unlikely to respond.”

Personalizing Mass Campaigns

This is the sales connect email that marketing automation tools often overlook. The goal is to create non-marketing emails.

They need not be in HTML. It’s not about the look, but about the feel. If you don’t know the person’s name, ask.

It takes complex logic in your marketing automation system’s backend to ensure that all contacts in your database are assigned to the correct salesperson. But it’s worth it. A personalized email will get much more response than a generic marketing email.

It should also be simple for recipients to schedule a meeting or conversation if desired. Scheduling is common in marketing automation.