Understanding the Differences Between Cold Email and Email Marketing

Understanding the Differences Between Cold Email and Email Marketing

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What is Cold email?

It is sending an unsolicited email to someone you don’t know.

Cold emailing is a communication method or ‘touch point’ used in sales prospecting and outreach. You try to reach your customers directly through outbound sales/marketing.

Marketing email

A marketing email is a commercial email for a large list of recipients.

The recipients are always email subscribers who have opted in (consented) to receive your emails.

Subscribers to email lists are commonly added via website signup forms or online checkout. And can unsubscribe at any time.

Inbound marketing is a method of attracting potential customers by creating valuable content and experiences.

Key cold email vs email marketing differences

Let’s take a look at some of the significant differences between cold email and email marketing

Different tools

Emails sent from the same system or database should not be considered marketing emails.

Caution: Sending cold emails from the same IP as marketing emails may harm your sender reputation and email deliverability (i.e. your ability to land emails in the inbox).

Your contacts must be 100% “opt-in” for email marketing tools to work. We recommend using a dedicated email outreach tool like Waalaxy or similar to manage cold email prospecting.

Different objectives

Email marketing and cold email have distinct goals.

Cold email prospecting is designed to add new leads to your sales funnel. Cold leads are those with whom you have never previously interacted.

You need email marketing to nurture and maintain existing relationships. Warm leads are those who already know your brand and have agreed to receive emails from you.

Email marketing can educate, raise awareness, and turn warm relationships into customers.

Different skills and roles

While marketing emails and cold emailing have similar goals, they require distinct skills and roles.

You need relationship-building and closing skills for cold email prospecting.

People who excel at customer journey development and copywriting make use of email marketing.

However, a small business owner or individual can easily manage both tasks.

The use of cold email prospecting by a real estate agent is an example. So they can stay top-of-mind when anyone is considering buying or selling a home, they’ll use email marketing campaigns.

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