How TikTok Is Changing the Face of Influencer Marketing

How TikTok Is Changing the Face of Influencer Marketing

A modest video app aimed at teenagers made its global debut in 2016. In 2021, the aforementioned app, TikTok, is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. Indeed, Oberlo reports that this dynamic and engaging platform has attracted 689 million users, including businesses looking to expand their reach through digital marketing. Once viewed solely as a social media platform for tweens and teenagers to lip sync, dance, and complete social media challenges with their friends, Snapchat quickly evolved into the preferred marketing tool across a variety of industries.

As a retailer seeking to expand your brand, you cannot afford to ignore TikTok’s popularity and marketing potential. This uncomplicated, short-form video platform has helped brands increase their online following and exposure through a series of influential campaigns and challenges that have left competitors scrambling to catch up.

e.l.f was one of the first major brands to embrace TikTok, creating the first paid TikTok advertisement that captured the attention of makeup enthusiasts worldwide. By creating their own original music for the #eyeslipsface challenge – in which participants could win makeup – e.l.f became the first business of its kind to earn the top trending hashtag on the platform, with over 1 billion people watching and engaging with the ad. And they are not the only online businesses that have benefited from TikTok’s increase in revenue and engagement.

Gymshark’s successful TikTok campaigns resulted in the hashtag #gymshark66 being viewed over 45.5 million times, according to Econsultancy. As a result, Gymshark now customizes marketing campaigns for their TikTok audience in order to broaden the reach of their seemingly unstoppable brand. And with an increase in engagement of an incredible 11.11 percent, it’s easy to see why TikTok has become a part of their marketing strategy.

TikTok is rapidly gaining popularity in business, and when combined with the marketing prowess of influencers, it’s easy to form authentic and genuine connections between your brand and potential customers. With a plethora of campaign options, retailers can easily find the ideal influencer to collaborate with. TikTok has the potential to be one of the most effective marketing tools available and may serve as an excellent introduction for those interested in incorporating influencer marketing into their most recent advertising campaign.

What does TikTok and influencer marketing brings to the retail marketing table?

Take a look at some of these things below:

A minimal cost

Whether you’re a large retailer or a fledgling online boutique, the constraints of a limited marketing budget can stymie expansion plans. TikTok is a widely accessible marketing tool that, when combined with influencer marketing, enables SMEs and corporations to significantly expand the reach of their brand and products at a low cost.

Creativity is limitless

Brands now have access to an infinite amount of innovative and engaging content thanks to TikTok’s functionality. Retailers can use TikTok to create content that is tailored to their brand and target audience, whether it is informative, highbrow, or even comedic. Whether you’re looking to tell your retail brand’s story or tease a new product, TikTok’s sharing capabilities ensure that your short videos reach wide demographic, allowing retailers to cast their net with minimal risk and maximum imagination.

Brand discovery is (almost) guaranteed

When it comes to brand awareness, TikTok and retailers go hand in hand. Unlike other social media platforms, where mass exposure is achieved through “Likes” or “Follows,” TikTok’s intuitive algorithm can automatically push your brand and content to the app’s “Discover” page. This enables customers to find you directly via hashtags or app suggestions – a significant reach that no retailer should overlook.

Attracting your target audience’s attention to your product

“Content is King,” and no statement could be more accurate about TikTok. You can advertise your products on video, through endorsements, or simply by uploading videos to your brand’s YouTube channel. If you create shareable content that engages your audience, you’re already ahead of the game, as you don’t need a large following to get started – just something people find entertaining. Your uploads should be seen by the appropriate audience, as TikTok’s intelligent algorithm keeps track of which videos each user enjoys watching.

Influencer marketing has evolved significantly over the last decade, but trends come and go, as we all know. It is clear, however, that retailers are no longer constrained by traditional marketing techniques, and the sooner they embrace this new mode of advertising, the stronger their brand will become.

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