The Starters Guide Strategies For Email Marketing

The Starters Guide Strategies For Email Marketing

Not sure how you can get started? You do not have to invest your thousands of dollars just to get the help you need to start creating a award-winning content that will at the end eventually drives sales. You can get a free 60-day trial at the Constant Contact that will give you access to start planning your strategies, great ideas on creating a multi-part sales promotion, and also other tips and tricks just to increase your subscriptions and to grow your mailing list.
These are some few strategies to work on for your Email Marketing:


Pick The Prime Time, i.e., 8:00 PM.

While most of the quality emails may be drafted during the business hours, the ones with reasonable open rates are not sent from anywhere between the hours of 9-5. Therefore, the best email strategy is for you to send it at nighttime.

According to the research that was done by Experian Marketing Services, the best time for you that you can get the best open rate is 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM. This lot does not only performed well in terms of the available rate but it also had good clickthrough and the sales.

Deployment times and the inbox crowding of other marketers simply go side-by-side. So you need to send an email when the people usually do not send it. Only then will you stand a good chance of your email getting seen. Optimum mailing for your customers’ needs to be dependent on you. So, test more to see how your customers reacts when they get your email.

Give Something Away

People love to get something for free. Tools and templates often lead to a high rates of clicks and high rates of opens. It is just what the readers want.

The readers always look for something that will provide value to them. The tools and templates outweigh the expert interviews,the ebooks, the photo albums, and even the brain teasers. Do not believe us yet? Try it with your own list.


Have Mobile-Friendly Emails

The mobile opens make up about 47% of email opens, according to the survey carried out by Marketing firm Litmus. So if your email list provides you with massive sales each and every month, do you want to risk all of that for an email that looks weird on a cell phone?

You need to design intelligently to make sure that your email looks good no matter where it will be opened. Here are some mobile design tricks for you to use:

1. Convert your emails in a single-column template for a quick mobile fix.

2. Fix the font size for good readability on cell phones.

3. Follow the guidelines by iOS for buttons at least 44 pixels in width and 44 pixels in length.

4. Make CTA prominent and easy to click. Put it above the fold.

5. You need to keep the ergonomics in mind. Many readers scroll and they just tap with their thumb. Keep your essential elements tappable in the middle.

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