7 BEST Free Keyword Research Tools

7 BEST Free Keyword Research Tools

With the help of these free keyword research tools, you may learn more about your target audience’s online behavior when looking for items and information. The value of the instruments does not diminish since they are free. It is possible to track the best keywords and searches for your sector, as well the competition for those terms, with even their free trial offerings

Search engine results will eventually benefit from this. Take a brief look at the following eight keyword research tools. Understanding how Google sees your website is critical and can only be accomplished with the help of superb SEO tools. As a result of these tools, SEO firms may better connect their efforts with their specific business goals. The more you know about the analytics of your website, the better you can manage your SEO efforts.

Google considers the following tools crucial to any organic search strategy, as they allow you to focus on the most critical aspects of your website Marketers may now assess their websites like professionals with the help of the following twelve such tools.

  1. Moz Keyword Explorer

The best keyword research tool is without a doubt Moz’s Moz Keyword explorer. An in-depth search engine results page (SERP) study can be performed using its keyword finder. Additionally, the program offers keyword ideas for a wide range of parameters.

This keyword research tool from Moz allows marketers to find and prioritize all of the essential keywords for rocketing up search engine rankings. Your competitors’ keyword and ranking techniques are no match for its unmatched competitor analysis. A free trial version of the software is available, as well as an option to purchase the full version.

Businesses may boost their search engine ranks with the help of Moz Pro, an all-in-one package of SEO tools. Customers can use Moz’s research tools to find SEO opportunities, track growth, create reports, and improve SEO efforts. Search engine optimization can be hampered by problems such as crawlability issues, duplicate content, and redirects, all of which are detected by Moz Pro.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Using Google’s Keywords Planner is a Google-made product. Using this tool, you may estimate the number of people searching for a given keyword or phrase on Google’s search network for free.

Using Google’s keyword recommendation tool, you can get ideas for new and underutilized keywords. The Google Keyword Planner’s user interface allows you to compare keyword trends and construct a complete plan for targeting certain keywords and related phrases.. Additionally, the tool helps you prioritize phrases that you should be focusing on and helps you uncover new keywords that you may have previously neglected. ”

  1. Google’s Search Console

This tool, formerly known as Google’s Webmaster Tools, provides webmasters with a deeper understanding of how Google crawls a site. Using this tool, you can learn about the basics of Google search in an easy-to-understand manner. Using Google’s Fetch as Google feature, webmasters can learn more about what Google thinks of a given URL. Search console troubleshooting aids in the evaluation of SEO performance and offers perception into what has to be done in order to improve results.

Using the tool, webmasters can keep an eye on their website’s search engine rankings and view a range of information about their website’s visibility. In order for your website to appear in search results and rankings, you must understand that GSC is not required. A better way to learn how Google and its users view your website is through the usage of Google Analytics.

  1. SEMRush

Next up in our list of the finest free keyword research tools is: SEMRush excels at keyword research due to the breadth of its features. Using this tool, you can find out which of your competitors’ top ten organic and paid keywords are generating the most traffic. Your SEO and PPC efforts will benefit from the tool’s help in finding the keywords that will help you achieve your goals. There is a variety of information available about phrase matches, similar keywords, and long tail keywords that you may glean from. Free and premium versions of this application are also offered.

Using SEMrush, you can keep tabs on the performance of a domain and each of its individual pages, as well as undertake keyword research. In terms of SEMrush’s other important toolkits, SEO is the most sought-after. For example, when a URL is entered into the tool, it provides a deeper understanding of many metrics such as keywords the website ranks in, the page’s rank for that keyword, the monthly search volume of that particular term, and so on

Using this tool, you may see how well a given web page ranks for a given set of keywords. You can type in a term, and the gadget will populate a wealth of information on it. The keyword’s SERP rank, the URLs it drives visitors to, and the traffic trends over the previous 12 months are all included in the report.

  1. HubSpot’s Website Grader

This free keyword research tool was first released in the year 2007. Website Grader gave companies the tools they needed to take advantage of untapped potential in search engine optimization. Since then, the search business has evolved significantly, and a new, improved version of the tool is already available. SEO6 characteristics like page size, queries, and speed may all be analyzed with this tool. A website’s mobile friendliness, SEO friendliness, and hack-resistance can all be determined with the use of these tools.

  1. BuzzStream

Our next keyword research tool, BuzzStream, helps companies manage inbound links to their websites. It’s easier than ever to find out about inbound link opportunities, put together compelling communications, and find companies willing to accept your connection request thanks to BuzzStream. Using BuzzStream, you may locate potential candidates based on their sector and amount of social network activity. You can get to know the people who will react to your backlink request by using this tool.

Managing inbound links to a website is made easier with the help of BuzzStream. It’s easier than ever to find out about inbound link opportunities, put together compelling communications, and find companies willing to accept your connection request thanks to BuzzStream. By utilizing BuzzStream, you may locate potential applicants based on their industry and amount of social network participation. You can get to know the people who will react to your backlink request by using this tool.

  1. Alexa

SEOs and others in the online marketing industry can benefit greatly from using Alexa. Using this tool, you can see what keywords your competitors are using and how much traffic they are getting from those phrases. It’s a cinch to do. Enter the URL in the input field and Alexa will create complete statistics about keywords and search analytics for the domain that you specified. A seven-day trial of Alexa is available. This is all you’ll need to get started with keyword research for your website’s main page.