Applying Automation for CRM Tasks

Applying Automation for CRM Tasks

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Most sales department offices have a normal day that includes tasks like as composing emails and follow-ups, monitoring prospects, and putting together reports. Despite the fact that all of these activities are vital to a company’s overall performance, they might easily take a sales representative’s whole day. There is a lack of time for important activities like engaging with prospects, creating connections and partnerships, and closing real sales because of this. A recent study found that just a third of a salesperson’s time is spent selling directly to prospects.

In this piece, we’ll go through three techniques to automate CRM processes. When it comes to reaching sales targets, organizations who invest in automation have a 54% better probability of success than those that don’t. You may do so by following these instructions:

  • Use email templates to Speed Up Email Creation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Reporting

Use email templates to Speed Up Email Creation

Many believe that creating emails from scratch is one of the most important aspects of an email marketing strategy. There is a common misconception among business owners that leads can detect email templates and this may be disastrous for their company’s marketing efforts.

Pre-written emails, on the other hand, may be a game changer for anybody trying to rapidly develop their company when done correctly and with the appropriate tools. Templates allow you to save a significant amount of time. While also expanding your reach to a large number of potential customers.

Lead Scoring

Knowing how to prioritize available leads is a precondition for effective client interactions and the broader sales strategy. Using a lead scoring system may enhance a company’s closure rate by up to 30 percent.

High-quality leads should not be overlooked in favor of low-quality ones that provide little to no benefit to your organization.

Automated lead scoring relies on combing through large amounts of data, including emails, recorded phone calls, and other sources. The goal is to identify the most promising avenues for further investigation. Despite its importance and the best of intentions, the whole procedure might take a long time.

Your lead prioritizing process should be automated to save you time. OroCRM lets you award points to leads depending on the actions they perform when they come into your store.


To succeed as a business owner, you must keep track of everything that happens in your company. This might include anything from keeping tabs on your employees’ performance to finding out how your consumers interact with your firm and make purchases. Having a reporting system or plan is the best approach to acquire this data.

Traditional reporting techniques such as spreadsheets or even physical records such as folders and notebooks are likely to suffice if you’re like most company owners who haven’t yet automated their sales operations. Aside from the danger of losing important company information, these strategies often result in huge time loss. Automating reporting can be done quickly and at a low cost, which is a beneficial thing.