What is an Email Sorter Online?

What is an Email Sorter Online?

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Email Separator Online is a sophisticated web application designed to sort and separate mixed email lists according to their server domains professionally. For instance, if you have a mixed list of gmail.com and yahoo.com users and wish to separate Gmail and Yahoo emails, an Email Separator comes in handy; it automates the process of email separation in just a few clicks. Additionally, the Email Separator is referred to as an Email Splitter or an Email Separator Tool.

Features of Online Email Sorter

Among the features of an online email sorter are the following:

1. Duo Separator Interface

The Email Separator Tool features two distinct interfaces, one for input and another for output. The input interface consists of a text box into which emails can be pasted, and the output interface consists of a text box into which separated emails are populated for use.

2. Sort Alphabetically

This is a radio button that enables you to pre-sort your email list alphabetically. This automatically sorts and organizes your emails alphabetically, which is beneficial for email sorting and identification.

3. Email Grouping

This feature enables you to categorize your emails. For instance, if you have 1,000 emails, you can group them into 200-email chunks per selection or 500-email chunks per selected pick.

4. Extract Button

The extract button enables you to perform a single extraction operation without having to split the list.

5. Separator Capability/Selection

The separator capability/selection allows you to divide your emails using a Comma, New Line, Colon, or Pipeline. Additionally, you can add your own separator character if desired.

6. Split Button

This is the button that enables you to separate the emails in the input box from the emails in the output box.

How Email Separator Lite 14 Functions?

The email separator Lite 14 works in both directions, which means it condenses the email addresses into a manageable list. Another option is to copy and paste a text, webpage, or other source into an email separator.

The separator will extract the emails from the text first, and then strip them into a list by domain.

Utilizing an email separator, Lite 14, is simple. Simply copy the source and paste it into the email separator.

Then, select the domain and click divide. For instance, suppose you want to separate your Gmail emails. Thus, you must select Gmail as the domain and then click split; you will then see a list of Gmail emails. Additionally, you can sort the list alphabetically for your convenience.

The benefits of Email separator Lite 14

Email separator Lite 14 has a plethora of advantages. Several of them include the following:

1. The primary benefit is that it simplifies your life. If you’re someone who sends hundreds of emails daily, you’re probably familiar with the pain of extracting emails from a large list. However, the email separator simplified the process, as it allows you to maintain a separate list of emails that can be accessed as needed.

2. This type of program is expensive and imposes additional strain on your budget, whereas email separator Lite 14 is a freeware application. This means that everyone has access to this program and can download it for free online.

3. It is a small program that will not take up much space on your system. This software is efficient and extracts and separates emails in a matter of minutes. Additionally, it is capable of multi-threaded page loading.