3 Tips for Creating Engaging Blog Posts

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You may be concerned that you lack the time or resources necessary to commit to a comprehensive content marketing ‘action plan’. However, do not be put off! A critical first step in your content marketing journey is to begin writing high-quality blog posts for your website.

Effective content marketing can take on a variety of different forms. One thing is certain: it will not cost you anything you cannot handle. Even committing to a weekly blog can be a good place to start, and it requires little time or money. Blogs are an excellent place to start, as they are quick, simple, inexpensive, and effective at generating interest. Thus, how do I write an effective blog post?

  • Calls to action are everything
  • The KISS Principle
  • Hook your reader’s interest
  1. Calls to action are everything

You may have the most beautifully written blog post in the world, but it is worthless to content marketers without calls to action. Your article has just been read by the reader. Well-written, structure and grammar are excellent. However, what is the reader to do now? They’ve caught your enthusiasm, but they require the next step.

You are not required to sell them your product at this point, though you may wish to do so. Alternatively, you could attempt to redirect your readers to another page or collect their vital contact information. Better copywriting results in stronger calls to action, which results in increased conversion.

  1. The KISS Principle

What about the KISS principle? This essentially means that the article should be as simple to read as possible. Retain the meat and discard the fat. Utilize concise sentences. Maintain a precise and straightforward tone in your language. Similarly, it is rarely a good idea to attempt to sound intelligent when a shorter word could have been used in its place.

Another vital characteristic of an engrossing blog post is the use of succinct paragraphs. Include subheadings or bullet points to break up lengthy articles. Posts in list format receive significantly more clicks.

  1. Hook your reader’s interest

Often, the most difficult part of writing is spouting those first few sentences. They take the most time, which is understandable given their importance. You have a limited amount of time, no more than a few seconds, to convince the reader to read your article. If you do not hook them, they will flee. The sea is brimming with additional content!

Consider the unconventional when planning your opening salvo. How about posing a question to pique the reader’s interest? Is that a startling statistic? Isn’t that a thought-provoking quotation? Whatever it is, it should compel the reader to continue reading.


Following these three tips will ensure that your blog posts are captivating, engaging, and compelling. Blog posts can serve as the centrepiece of your content marketing strategy or serve as a foundation upon which to build later. In either case, it’s an excellent start.