The Top 7 Best and Most Affordable SSL Certificate Providers in 2021

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If you’re unfamiliar with SSL certificates, they protect your company’s website. Your customers may not trust you or your business, especially if you run an e-commerce business. An SSL certificate builds trust with your customers by encrypting data.

This certification works wonders for your e-business and reduces stress for your potential customers. Throughout this article, you will learn about affordable SSL certificate providers.


Get cheap SSL certificates from a trusted source like DigiCert. Initially a solo venture, the company has acquired Norton security and Public Key Infrastructure solutions.

The company has also implemented a plan to migrate Symantec products to DigiCert as needed. Not to mention their affordable SSL certificate plans. You can also use a wildcard option to cover multi-level domains and multiple servers.


It was created to help insecure sites by providing them with a strong SSL certificate. SSL2BUY, a platinum partner, offers globally recognized SSL brands. Whatever your business size, you will find a cheap SSL certificate for your needs.

For businesses that want to invest once and avoid multiple renewals, there is a multi-year subscription plan. You can get single domain, multi-domain, and wildcard SSL certificates all in one place. You can select different validations for the product.


GoDaddy has the cheapest SSL certificates. This company is well-known for its amazing hosting plans. EV, DV, and OV certifications are all priced the same at this company. Pricing is based on multiple websites, subdomains or domain covers.

This amazing service provider is known for its fresh and affordable installation. With Godaddy, you can save a lot of money and use it to improve other aspects of your website. Choose this SSL solution provider without hesitation.


Compared to other similar services, GlobalSign offers a low-cost SSL certificate. The company focuses on enterprise customers, especially those seeking reliable PKI services. That means the enterprise customer has all the policies, rules and procedures for using those certificates. It also handles distribution, creation, and revocation.

With this level of support, this company not only delivers phenomenally but also affordably. You can get DV level certification for one website at a low cost. One website will also provide you with full EV certification for a small annual fee.


Network Solutions now offers low-cost SSL certificates. It is similar to GoDaddy in that it offers a wide range of web-related services. These web services include eCommerce and domain names.

The fact that they charge so low for SSL certificates is just icing on the cake. They also offer two-year plans for single websites seeking EV certification. If you’re familiar with installing certificates, go with Network Solutions.


Now you can buy an SSL certificate cheap from RapidSSL. It is owned by GeoTrust and focuses on low-cost corporate and medium-sized businesses. This company offers one domain certificate with 128 and 256-bit encryption for a low annual fee.

This certificate also covers unlimited subdomains and has a refund policy. It also includes 24/7 customer support, web and email access. Corporate customers can take advantage of GeoTrust’s global infrastructure at a discounted rate.


IdenTrust offers cheap SSL certificates to customers. DST (Digital Signature Trust) has been providing high-quality digital identity services to eCommerce websites, financial departments, and others.

Their SSL certificates are trusted by millions of users worldwide. It also protects your company’s identity and domain name with a 2048-bit SSL certificate and 24/7 support for 128 and 256-bit encryption. With their low-cost standard SSL certifications, you will have no issues.

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