How Does an Email Scrubbing Service Assist You in Creating an Effective Campaign?

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Maintaining an active mailing list requires an email scrubbing service. Let’s dig deeper into each of the benefits of email scrubbing.

1. High Delivery Rate

Deliverability is harmed by bounced or spammed emails. Inactive subscribers can make it difficult to reach their inboxes. Identifying and removing these addresses will improve email deliverability.

2. Higher Open Rates and Click-throughs

You may wonder why your open and click-through rates are declining. Inactive subscribers on your list affect these metrics.

Open rate measures how many emails a recipient has opened. The click-through rate shows the number of clicks received by a campaign. After cleaning your list, you can only contact interested parties. Your metrics will improve.

3. Low Bounce Rate

Emails can bounce due to technical issues or address changes. You can never send campaigns because their servers will always reject them. Bounces will hurt campaign performance. So remove them from your list.

Knowing the benefits of cleaning the list, you should determine the best time to do so.

How Frequently Should Your Email List Be Scrubbed?

If you see several red flags, clean up your mailing list.

1. When Spam complaints have increased

Track spam complaints in your campaign stats. If you get more complaints, you may be sending irrelevant emails, having involuntary subscriptions, spamming, or setting unrealistic expectations. Cleaning your mailing list on a regular basis can help.

2. Click-through and open rates drop

If your open rates are below 15%, you should consider email scrubbing. Similarly, your open rate indicates how many subscribers clicked on an email link. A low rate indicates a poor mailing list, so work on improving it. Always monitor these rates as a decline can harm your reputation.

3. More Unsubscribed Users

Unsubscribes indicate inappropriate or spammy content, untailored emails, or too many emails. Their reputation affects your email metrics.

A rise in spam complaints, unsubscribes, or a decline in open and click rates will negatively impact deliverability and reputation.

How to Clean Up Your Email List

  1. Recognize inactive users
  2. Sort inactive contacts
  3. Check your email list
  4. Reactivate inactive users
  5. Unsubscribe inactives

While an email campaign with great offers is fine, some subscribers will lose interest. Some may leave because your products don’t meet their needs or they only signed up for a discount. To avoid emails ending up in the spam folder, best practices such as email scrubbing are required.

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