13 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

There are several ways you can make use of to increase the traffic rate to your website. Let us dive into the article without wasting much of your time

Using influencers

Influencer marketing is sweeping the globe. Influencers on various social media platforms and blogs can help spread your message. Fast. While you may have to pay to access this medium, you can generate massive amounts of relevant traffic, and ultimately sales.

Make lead magnets

Consider offering your audience a lead magnet such as an ebook, checklist, cheat sheet, software trial, etc. It’s a great way to add value while also raising awareness for your product. Lead magnets should last 15-30 minutes. Not more.

 A broken link-building plan

Search for broken links on sites like Wikipedia to quickly increase your traffic. Then, using the Wayback Machine, research the old content to replace the broken links. Then contact the page’s editor to offer up yours as a replacement. If it works, it works well.

Conference sponsorship marketing

Consider sponsoring one of the top marketing conferences to increase traffic to your website and business. This is a simple way to reach new customers. Plus, you might meet market leaders who could help you further by partnering with you.

 Answer questions on Quora

Quora has a huge following and you can easily and quickly increase traffic to your site without spending a dime. Search for questions about your business, industry, or niche on Quora. Answer them thoroughly and include a link or call-to-action.

 Join Reddit

Reddit is another hugely popular online platform. Utilize Reddit by participating, commenting, and posting. Spam not. Especially at first. Keep your cool. Before promoting anything, build a solid track record of healthy posts.

Make infographics

Infographics are a great way to raise awareness for any business. Create an infographic based on relevant studies. Then tell the world. Hire a great designer and build something quality, not rushed.

 Refresh stale web pages

Refresh your blog’s content if it’s old. Update it. Old content is useless. If it has expired, find a way to bring it up to date. It’s easy and can help send powerful relevancy signals to Google. It will gradually increase your traffic.

 Do industry-specific research and share it

You could share studies or surveys. Aim for industry-specific. If you must, hire a marketing firm. Go out and count the market and figure out some statistics that may influence market decisions. Then tell the world.

 Mobile-friendly design

Google now has a mobile-first index. However, less and less people are using desktop computers to access the internet. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing out on a lot of traffic.

Boost your website’s speed

Website speed is a major factor in relevancy. A site that loads quickly is more relevant. Find a good content delivery network (CDN) like Amazon’s CloudFront or other services. CDNs help you distribute your content to the nearest visitor. Reduce and optimize images, and use a tool like Oleg Schegolev’s SEMRush to identify site speed issues.

 Use retargeting pixels

Retargeting pixels are great for increasing site traffic. Plus, it’ll be warm traffic. Cold. Warm traffic converts better. Install a Facebook or Google pixel on your site to retarget visitors with ads.


If your website lacks a blog, create one immediately. And keep blogging. Add immense value and watch the traffic flood in. But you must be persistent. You can’t start and stop. It’s useless.

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