Why Is Blogging Vital In 2021?

Despite the rise of video content, 8 out of 10 digital marketers still use blogging. More than half of marketers say blogging brought them new traffic. Every month, over 400 billion blogs are read.

But you must understand that blogging is difficult. Blogging takes time, especially for a new business trying to build an audience.

Speaking to a captured audience (your loyal customers) is one thing, but using it to drive traffic to your website is quite another. So why should you include blogging in your 2021 content strategy? We list the reasons.

Demonstrate your credibility

Blogging establishes credibility. There’s nothing like putting ideas down on paper. It’s like challenging your authority on the subject. But you can bolster your credibility by citing statistics and research. You can also ask industry experts to contribute. It’s also possible to prove a point with videos, infographics, or images Again, most businesses struggle to post regularly of high quality. Most writing jobs can be outsourced to competent SEO professionals. But blog at least once a week to keep in touch with your audience. You blog because you have a unique perspective to add to the sea of opinions.

Boost your rankings

The pandemic last year was surreal. The coronavirus is still wreaking havoc on economies, so the year ahead looks bleak. Despite the chaos, what has remained constant? Blogs continue to drive massive website traffic. Some companies may be more cautious with their marketing budgets. But you don’t have to abandon your strategy to lose all your gains. The perfect way to reach your audience and show them you’re still fighting alongside them is to blog. Achieve the position of primary authority in answering relevant user queries. A primary source of information link from other websites can also help your rankings.

Market your goods

Blogs are undervalued by e-commerce websites, which is a shame because they can increase sales. Most businesses are unaware that quality content is important for search engine indexing. You can promote events, sales, and other news. Another benefit of blogging is customer engagement, especially if you allow comments. You can ask happy customers to write testimonials and post them on your website. Truthfulness is the key to product promotion. You should list the pros and cons and let your customers decide. But do not sabotage your product in the process. You can still sell a product without overdoing it.

Blogging is still the king of content

While more marketers are using video to reach their target audiences, blogging remains the dominant strategy. Blogging, more than any other medium, can establish your expertise. Compared to video, infographics, and images, blogs are still the cheapest form of SEO. They are ideal for small businesses on a budget. You can hire professionals to do the job for a fee.

$20-$250 per blog post. But doing it yourself can drastically reduce costs. Professional videos, on the other hand, start at $1,500.

Explore new markets

Blogging can increase traffic to your website because Google favors sites with fresh content. The key is patience. Your blog should drive traffic to your website. Otherwise, you’re wasting space. Finding new markets will ensure a steady income. You will never grow your business if you always rely on your existing customers. More importantly, you can use blogging to reward existing customers while reaching out to new ones. But, especially for new businesses, blogs take three months to gain traction. Producing premium content does not guarantee immediate results.

Remember that you own your blogs. Don’t use free blogging platforms to host your ideas. These platforms own you and can delete your content at any time.


Finding the right person to blog for your business is one of the most difficult tasks. Most people fear staring at a blank screen as the pressure to produce increases. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone anymore. Social media marketing firms can manage your content strategy for less. We’ve shown that blogging builds authority and traffic. It’s now up to you to make that call.

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