How to Use a Welcome Email to Engage Your Subscribers from the Start

It pays to look at what the pros are doing when it comes to creating effective welcome emails. Some of the greatest welcome emails in the industry have been shown to enhance engagement and establish trust.

These welcome email samples can be used to develop welcome email templates and effectively engage users right away. Continue reading for a list of the top designs and what makes them so special.

With their welcome email, Airbnb has the perfect idea—they go right to the point. Users aren’t only searching for a great-looking mail to impress them. They want to know how the company that created it can assist them. Whether or not they stay subscribed will be determined by this information.

Users can discover possibilities for choosing a house, touring and traveling, or even becoming a host, thanks to the ingeniously organized features. These elements are organized into parts and include actionable CTAs as well as photographs of people having fun. The visuals, text, and style all work together to show who the company is and what services they provide.

Asana recognizes that their software has a learning curve. The welcome email does not spend any time in assisting users in becoming familiar with the product. Take note of the copywriting as well. It’s short and sweet, and it reminds users that they’re part of the Asana family, emphasizing the product’s collaborative nature even more.

The three CTAs serve as basic “practice activities” for customers to familiarize themselves with the product. This also serves as a more focused way of bringing the FAQ or Help section to the user before they have to go searching for it.

In her welcome email, Kate Spade says something that many people wouldn’t expect. Appreciation is usually reserved for purchases, so thanking the subscriber for signing up may seem unusual. The background, which resembles an old-fashioned letter, adds a touch of personalization to the sense of heartfelt gratitude.

To top it off, Kate Spade expresses her gratitude by offering a discount. It’s a nice gesture in general, but for the purposes of this email, it shows the subscriber that the company doesn’t just say thank you; they show it with actions.

MOO, a company known for premium business cards, provides the final example. As soon as you open the email, you’ll notice that it has a nice design and a catchy color scheme.

It immediately provides links to their products, as well as ways to contact them or learn more about the company. This, combined with the strong opening that explains what you can expect, makes this the ideal welcome email in terms of copy and design.

Any of these emails could be used as inspiration or as a possible welcome email template to help your readers engage with your email list from the moment they sign up.


The process of engaging your audience begins with the signup form and continues with the welcome email and the content you send subscribers throughout their relationship with your company.

By following the tips in this post, you can create an engaging welcome email that hooks your subscribers from the start, and ensures your future emails get opened and acted on.

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