6 Social Media Strategies for Attracting Positive Attention and Convincing Investors

Attracting investors’ attention does not happen overnight or via a single channel. Rather than that, it’s a combination of a strong online presence and the ability to communicate effectively with those willing to spend.

Without a doubt, social media checks both of those boxes. When considering the openness of today’s startups and the critical nature of emphasizing culture to investors, there is arguably no better place to do so than the various social channels.

Having said that, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media investor outreach. Keep the following six strategies in mind to ensure that you make a favorable impression on the right people and communicate your message clearly.

Customize Your Profiles

Whichever social networks you wish to dominate, the first step is to fine-tune your presence in accordance with best practices. For instance, ensure that all of your profiles, including your:

  • Images for the profile and cover pages
  • Descriptions and bios
  • In your “About” section, include relevant links and/or hashtags.

Consistency pays dividends in terms of standing out in the minds of investors, from logos and color schemes to tone of voice and copy. According to Flashmarks, “your business’s profile image instantly converts each of your social media posts, comments, and responses into a branding opportunity.”

Follow the Right People

Prior to becoming obsessed with attracting others’ attention, you must ensure that your company and team profiles are built from the start around relevant profiles. Once you’ve established your social presence, following and “liking” the following individuals is a good place to start:

  • Admired industry leaders, as well as potential industry leaders
  • Notable venture capital firms and investors
  • Trade publications’, bloggers’, and journalists’ websites

This immediately increases your visibility and, if you interact with such profiles through tagging and sharing content, may result in a valuable follow back.

Establish Contacts with Potential Investors

Consider leveraging your team’s individual LinkedIn profiles in addition to your company profile.

Given that this is a professional social networking site where networking is expected, there may be no better place to demonstrate your industry expertise. Finding investors on LinkedIn requires not only following the right people, but also regularly publishing, commenting on, and sharing the content of relevant influencers.

Guest Posting

You are incorrect if you believe that industry blogs are moderated by gatekeepers who are extremely selective about what they publish. The majorities of publishers are desperate for new, ground-breaking work and will accept a pitch that aligns with the desires of your audience.

If you’re a technology startup, make a point of finding blogs in your niche that would be a good fit for your company’s content. Whether you write these pieces yourself or hire a ghostwriter, a guest posting strategy can provide a wealth of marketing opportunities.

Get Journalistic Coverage

While having your work featured on blogs is an honor, having it published in prestigious print and online publications is even more so. At a minimum, niche and specialized publications establish your status as a major player in your industry.

Journalists, like blog editors, salivate at the prospect of establishing relationships with sources who can connect them to a story. Platforms like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) can connect you with such journalists who can shed light on your situation.


Finally, businesses must follow the aforementioned guidelines if they hope to realistically attract the attention of a potential investor. There is fierce competition out there, and businesses that consistently put themselves out there to earn those mentions stay one step ahead of the competition.

While the concept of obtaining startup funding via social media may seem far-fetched, there is no denying the platform’s importance in attracting investors’ attention. Any combination of these tips is acceptable for those seeking to establish a strong presence in their industry in the hope of eventually attracting an investor to assist in their growth.

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