Things to Consider About Using Twitter for Business

If you’re a business owner considering social media, Twitter is a must-follow. Yes, it is straightforward and may appear to be a waste of time, but it is not. Businesses that leverage Twitter’s social networking capabilities are astute. They understand that Twitter can be a quick and effective way to communicate critical information about your business events and sales, as well as to offer coupons or simply connect with your brand’s followers.

While Twitter is nearly featureless, what it lacks in polish it more than compensates for in practical use due to its astounding popularity. However, tweeting incorrect information can be detrimental to your business. Here are some critical Twitter tips to consider before creating a Twitter account for your business, as well as some basic Twitter tips to help you get started today!

Ignore the Doubters and Utilize Twitter for Business

Any business owner who advises you not to use Twitter because it will tarnish your professional image is either a) still communicating with customers in the dark ages or b) an extremely savvy business owner who is already secretly tweeting your clients.

According to Mashable, Twitter had approximately 6 million users in 2008. Even with a high rate of user abandonment (60 percent of people abandon Twitter accounts after one month). There were over 300 million Twitter users in the first half of 2016.

Prepare a Twitter Business Plan Before You Begin

If you’re serious about protecting (or restoring or building) your business’s reputation, take the time to create a Twitter business plan before you begin sending Tweets.

The three most critical questions to consider are the following:

  • Who are the individuals we wish to reach? Clients? Are you acquiring new customers? Who are the private investors? What about the general public? This is critical to establish prior to creating an account, as you may require multiple accounts and some accounts will need to remain private.
  • Are Your Tweets Going to Be Interactive? Will you allow for rebuttals? Or simply receive updates? Are you going to make your subscriber list public or private?
  • Who Will Be in Charge of the Account? Decide who is going to tweet and what they are going to tweet. For instance, if you own a blog, will you have it automatically send out a Tweet on your behalf? Or will you have to manually select blogs to Tweet?

Twitter has the social media muscle to assist you in growing your business, but if you create an account without a strategy, you will either underutilize its potential or, worse, make your business look bad.

Micro Twitter Your Business

While many businesses can get by with a single primary Twitter account, if your business is highly diversified, you may benefit from microtweeting. To be clear, there is a Japanese “Micro-Twitter” service that limits posts to 14 characters.

Twitter is a platform for microblogging. You can only send your subscribers brief quips and updates. It has been discovered that if you “micro Twitter,” you gain more followers and get a better response. Create multiple Twitter accounts for your business if you normally keep customer interests separate.

For instance, if you distribute a newsletter to various types of customers, it may be more effective to give specific customer groups their own Twitter feed. When a message hits home, your Tweets are more likely to be read and reTweeted.

Bear in mind that any account you create must be active, monitored, and serve a purpose in order to be a successful business tool. Maintain no more than two or three Twitter accounts to avoid confusing your customers about which Tweets they should be following. Additionally, the more accounts you have, the more work you generate.

Do Not “Say Anything” Just to Maintain Communication

While it is nearly impossible to bloviate on Twitter due to the extremely limited character limit, it is critical to differentiate your business from personal Tweeters by posting only relevant, timely, and important business updates.

Generally, your customers will be unconcerned if your photocopier goes down again. Or that your entire staff is dressed casually on casual dress day. However, they will be delighted to learn that you are offering a 15% discount this week only to walk-in customers.

For business Twitter, the best rule of thumb is that if you don’t have anything interesting to say, it’s better to refrain from tweeting until you do.

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