When Should You Send Email Coupons to Customers?

Did you know that 50% of people will visit a store more frequently if they receive a coupon?

If you want to increase sales and clicks, email coupons are an excellent strategy.

Emails containing coupons have been shown to increase click-throughs by 34%, transaction completion rates by 27%, and revenue per email by 48%.

Those are some extremely potent statistics.

However, if you want to use coupons effectively in your email marketing strategy, you must understand when to send those click-bait deals. Otherwise, you risk squandering your efforts and having a negligible impact.

Are you ready to discover the optimal times to send out those email marketing coupons? Continue reading to learn about the critical points at which coupons can act as revenue generators.

When You Want a Customer to Return

Do you have a low rate of new customer retention? If this is the case, it may be time to offer them a discount via email coupon.

Your first-time customers are unlikely to be in the habit of scouring your site. You can remind them and encourage a subsequent purchase by sending them a coupon, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

When You Want to Move a Product Line

Do you need to move a variety of products? If this is the case, this is the ideal time to send out coupon emails.

For example, suppose you run an online clothing store and need to liquidate some of your women’s clothing inventory to make room for summer lines. You can distribute a coupon for your women’s clothing line to increase sales.

While we’re on the subject of non-site-wide coupons, keep in mind that these should be segmented from your email list. You do not always have to send these coupons to your entire email list. Coupons for women’s clothing should typically be sent to female subscribers only, and vice versa.

By segmenting your email list, you can increase the personalization of your marketing (always a good thing) and lower the cost of email marketing.

When You Haven’t Sent Email Coupons in Awhile

Limiting the availability of email coupons is one of the secrets to their success. If you continually send out site-wide coupons, this devalues your products.

Have you ever come across those “deals” where an item is perpetually discounted? At first, you’re struck by the thought, “Wow! $50 instead of $70, what a deal!” However, the item’s value eventually becomes fixed at $50 in the viewer’s mind, as that is its permanent price.

If you send an excessive number of coupons that expire prematurely, this can have the same effect.

Allowing some time between coupons and setting short expiration dates, on the other hand, will increase demand for them among your subscribers.

Therefore, if it’s been a while since you sent an email coupon, now is the ideal time to spread some coupon love to your list.

When You Need to Increase Your Email ROI

If your email marketing campaign’s ROI is low, this may be an excellent opportunity to leverage coupon emails and increase it.

Coupon emails not only have significantly higher open, click-through, and transaction completion rates—they also result in higher checkout totals.

According to statistics, buyers who use coupons spend an average of 24% more than those who do not.

This follows a straightforward logic. If your subscriber believes they have a valuable, limited-time coupon, they will want to take advantage of it by increasing their spending. If the coupon is a percentage off, the more money they spend, the more money they effectively save.

However, for the marketer, this still translates into increased sales volumes and a higher return on investment.

When You Want to Grow Your Email List

To ensure that your coupons have an impact, you must have a robust email list. However, did you know that you can also use coupons to increase the size of your list?

Offering a coupon in exchange for someone signing up for your newsletter is one of the most effective coupon-related marketing strategies. This encourages sign-ups and demonstrates that you are not stingy with your sign-up bonuses.

Nowadays, most people are hesitant to subscribe to newsletters unless they are offered something of value in exchange. Coupons are an excellent sign-up incentive.

After obtaining the signup, they can be added to your email drip campaign. After a specified time period, you can offer them another coupon to initiate a subsequent sale.

When You Want to Create a Loyalty Program for Your Customers

Coupon emails are also an excellent method of establishing customer loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are an effective method of increasing repeat sales and establishing a perpetual buyer’s journey.

If you’re launching a loyalty program, coupon emails are an excellent way to entice customers to join. Consider this. Who wants to join a loyalty program if all they get is a vague reference to “membership benefits and discounts?”

Rather than that, encourage signups by providing an initial coupon upon registration. This provides a preview of what’s to come and an immediate reward for your subscribers.

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