Online Banking and Internet Security

Online Banking and Internet Security

Online banking - what is it?

Let’s know a little about Online Banks. Well, we can tell you that an online bank is a financial institution that operates without physical branches. In general, these types of banks tend to have very powerful mobile applications and customer service options.

Now, Online Banks have their advantages and disadvantages compared to Traditional Banks. Do you want to know what those advantages and disadvantages are?

Online banking - what is it?

Which is better, an online bank or a traditional bank?
We can say that in the best online banks in the United States, the services they offer are what every customer needs. However, it is always recommended that you have an active account in another local bank. why? The main reason for keeping an active account in a local bank is that they offer you many benefits, such as: face-to-face advice, notary services, among others.

On the other hand, local banks can make a positive contribution to your community. In case you connect a lot to the internet, it may happen that connection problems prevent you from accessing your account, since the bank’s website is affected. Or also that you have to wait a long time for the checks to arrive in the mail.

Advantage of Online Banking
• Better interest rates . With fewer expenses focused on employees and branch
operations, online banks have a clear advantage in delivering better APR
• Low or no commissions. Unlike traditional banks that charge up to $12 for
monthly account service; online banks charge very low commissions or do not
charge any.

Disadvantages of Online Banking
• Lack of face-to-face contact. It is usually a problem when we want     to solve some financial doubts regarding our accounts.
• It does not have online exclusivity.
• Relying on digital technology, online banks close their doors when networks go down, servers crash or technical failures occur.
• They do not have a great track record in the US Banking Sector.

• Internet Security Issues.
• They do not have a great track record in the US Banking Sector.


Internet Security With Online Banking:

A great caution is needed when using the internet with your banking activities, here we list some of the internet security measures needed for online banking:  

  1. Do not use a public computer to access your online accounts or your cards.
  2. Always make sure the URL of the bank on your browser is correct and legitimate.
  3. Always look out for the SSL icon or padlock icon on the browser when accessing the website.
  4. Keep all passwords safe and do not disclose pins to a third party.
  5. Scan your computers and internet networks regularly with updated virus and malware scanners.

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