The Best SEO Software

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SEO is a huge topic. One of the most important aspects of successful SEO is keyword research. The kicker is that certain software solutions perform better than others at assisting you with these tasks.

It’s difficult to find a specific function, like link analysis or rank tracking. We’ll go over the best SEO software to use below.

  • SEOQuake— Best On-page SEO Audit Tool
  • SEMrush — Best overall SEO competitor analysis software
  • Siteliner— The Best Free On-Page Optimization Tool

SEOQuake— Best On-page SEO Audit Tool

SEOQuake touts itself as the best on-page SEO audit tool. Users can examine internal and external links, compare domains and URLs in real-time, among other features.

As an on-page optimization tool, it provides a wealth of information about a web page’s issues, which you can use to improve your site’s metrics.

One of the main features of SEOQuake is the real-time SEObar, which displays the current site’s ranking for a given keyword, as well as the competition.

Their SERP overlay is also very useful, showing you Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, and Moz score for each result. These metrics can help determine a keyword’s competitiveness.

SEOQuake runs in your browser and is quick to use. To analyze the data, you can either export it to a file or keep it in their extension.

The main disadvantage of SEOQuake is that it only works with Chrome and Firefox browsers. Also, like most SEO tools, the data it provides can be overwhelming for new users.

SEMrush — Best overall SEO competitor analysis software

Simply put, SEMRush is one of the best content and on-page optimization tools available. It provides detailed reports on website content optimization, backlink analysis, and competitive intelligence gathering.

With just a few keystrokes, the Keyword Magic tool provides users with literally thousands of keyword suggestions and in-depth data, and SEMRush can be a lifesaver for any SEO professional looking to improve their rankings.

SEMRush is a content and on-page optimization powerhouse. It’s comprehensive and can provide detailed feedback on everything from title tags and meta descriptions to keyword usage. The on-page optimization tool can also help you improve your page speed, keyword distribution, and other factors, and its advanced filters make it easy to drill down into specific data.

With their comprehensive toolkit, SEMRush has been dubbed ‘SEO-in-a-box’. These tools provide users with data on referring domains, anchor text, and even social media metrics. Knowing which websites link to your competitors can give you a huge advantage in any SEO campaign.

Unlike other comprehensive tools, SEMRush can be intimidating for newbies. The interface is initially overwhelming, and there is a lot of data to process. It takes a little practice, but the wealth of information available is well worth the effort.

Siteliner— The Best Free On-Page Optimization Tool

The Siteliner free SEO audit tool is great for quickly assessing each page’s relative ranking strength. Their ‘page power’ feature comes in handy here. They also have one of the most in-depth broken link checkers on the Internet, which is great for finding 404s and other errors on your site.

The user interface is extremely simple, consisting of a box where you enter website URLs. After processing, you get a report with all the data you need. The free Siteliner service only analyzes websites with up to 250 pages monthly, but this is sufficient for most small businesses (i.e algorithmic page creation).

Otherwise, Siteliner Premium offers more detailed reports (up to 25,000 pages) and export options. Premium includes everything in the free account, plus an API for integrating Siteliner data into your own tools and processes (developer required!).